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Bride-to-be slammed to give friends specified the bill after party: report

A bride-to-be sent friends a specified bill for her bachelorette party, according to a report. (iStock) An unidentified woman went…

An unidentified woman went on social media Wednesday to blow her bride’s friend to send her a compilation of the bill from a new “Hen Do” &#821

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The party’s detailed bill listed the total cost of food, gifts and furnishings, dividing the cost of each of the seven – the number of people attending the party, reported the sun. Bride-to-be also noted the cost per guest for napkins and M & M: 71 cents and 43 cents respectively.

Alcohol and pizza were the most expensive party items, which cost each guest $ 3.23 and $ 11.74 according to Report. The woman said that although the guests were asked to bring their own spirits, they stopped paying for the alcohol that the wedding would come.

Other items on the list included lemonade (36 cents), popcorn (28 cents)

The woman called the future bride “crazy” to send out such a bill, according to the sun.

“I’m sorry but if you take the time to share the cost of a honeydew by 7, you’re crazy,” said the woman. “The party was not even fun bc [because] she tried so hard to make it a perfect perfect party and it seemed unnatural and more like a business transaction.”

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS [19659006] Comments responded hard to the bill, calling it “sticky” and not so good, according to the sun.

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