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Brian Kilmeade Trump donation: “Fox & Friends” host bought $ 600 in MAGA jewelry

Steve Doocy, left, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, co-hosted by "Fox & Friends." (Richard Drew / AP) Hill has discovered…

Steve Doocy, left, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, co-hosted by “Fox & Friends.” (Richard Drew / AP)

Hill has discovered that Brian Kilmeade, host of President Trump’s favorite morning program, “Fox & Friends”, is funding the president’s campaign for a cool $ 601.71.

This may not be shocking, because the hosts of “Fox & Friends” often sound as impressed by Trump as Trump sounds impressed by them

But wait, says Kilmeade. There is a simple explanation: He does not realize that he made an official campaign contribution when he innocently bought hundreds of dollars of Trump MAGA hat Christmas decorations in the heyday of the days after the 2016 election.

“There is no secret, there is no” ah ha “moment,” Kilmeade told the hill on Tuesday. “I had no idea that this would be considered a donation. I’m looking for something cool and unique for Christmas for adults after this historical election.”

His search led him to the iconic “Make America Great Again” Baseball Hat Ornament , as the Trump campaign sold for $ 149 a pop in November 2016.

Baubles were truly unique. Remind of “Trumps Commitment to Christmas,” they were made of brass and finished in either 14 karat or 24 carat gold (the description on Trump’s website was inconsistent).

Some thought the ornaments were a hoax and deluged an page for the ornaments with one star joke reviews . (“It tried to put my nativity figures in a detention camp. Would not buy again.”)

The price was dispatched to $ 99 at the end of the year and you can now buy one on for only $ 45.

If you do Today, a disclaimer will inform you that your money comes to Trump’s campaign. Kilmeade told Hill he did not see such a thing, and a Fox News representative said that Kilmeade bought the adornment of a current website that may not have informed him.

They were “a little expensive afterwards, but that’s what, Kilmeade Hill told me.” I had no idea it would be a campaign contribution. “

Details from federal election committees show that the campaign logged in Kilmeades 601, 71 dollars on the day of Trump’s inauguration in January 2017 and rolled the donation to the 2020 primary campaign. 19659013] A Fox News spokesman did not respond immediately when Washington Post asked if the network had any rules against campaign donations. Hill reported that the network sent a statement “It does not prohibit talent for buying holiday decorations.”

While some news bans prohibit donations (Keith Olbermann was interrupted from MSNBC after donating to Democratic candidates in 2010), Fox News has tolerated its practice. One of the biggest launches in the network , Sean Hannity, donated nearly $ 10,000 to Republicans in 2010 and held Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Trump is for his part, fan of Fox News. He routinely praises is the leaning coverage of the network device while rejecting other major sales outlets as “fake news”.

As said, Kilmeade is sometimes crucial to Trump – at least more than his “Fox & Friends” community, one of whom has literally called Trump’s friend. Kilmeade bounced the president of the month, for example, after Trump had encountered a woman who charged the highest court justice Brett M. Kavanaugh for sexual assault.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Fox & Friends”, Kilmeade did not do anything about her Christmas decorations. It was a fairly typical episode that devoted half of its life to an unfortunate coverage of a migrating caravan in southern Mexico as Trump has been concerned.

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