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Brexit: What can happen in a no deal

In the case of life events, the loss of a small sweet chocolate bar probably is not because most people…

In the case of life events, the loss of a small sweet chocolate bar probably is not because most people are awake – but the loss of the popular Mars bar from UK supermarkets has illustrated the big change that millions of consumers soon could be struck by.

The chocolate bars would disappear from the UK within two weeks in the country, leaving the European Union if there was no agreement on an on-going agreement. Eliminating the world’s fifth largest economy from 27 other countries after three decades will require some difficult decisions, quick thinking and creative solutions.

What brings us to the current mess Britain is in.

Using Mars Bars As an example, if no agreement is reached by March 29, next year, Britain will crash from the EU and must rely on the World Trade Organization’s rules for trading with its former European partners.

The problem is that there would be no longer any frictional trade that allowed goods to cross borders without customs and controls &#821

1; and for Mars, two imported ingredients that could not be stored would disappear for days. Expected gridlock at Dover Harbor would almost turn off one of Britain’s major food import routes, which means that Mars bars – and many other products – would be gone, some within a few days.

Officials of the United Kingdom Department of Environment and Rural Employees Employees predict that food import and export disturbances could last for more than six months, leading to shortage of supermarket shelves and putting heavy pressure on millions of companies that are dependent on exports to the EU , reported Buzzfeed News.

So one thing has the real opportunity to affect millions of people. The government has continually hit no business preparations and has regularly published messages that allow society to know what is possible and what is being done about it.

One of the most dramatic is a proposal to turn the M26 motorway into County of Kent to a parking lot for hundreds of trucks to avoid traffic chaos on nearby roads. The major delays would be caused because trucks simply could not easily cross the Eurotunnel.

Prime Minister Theresa May claims that her controversial agreement is the only solution that would avoid a catastrophic thing – it seemed unthinkable a few months ago – and as unlikely as it seems to win parliamentary support at a house of parliament, hope that Mrs. May hopes that the prospects that no agreement will convince parliamentarians from their own shared party and others to restore the deal.

A political source told News Corps Times this week with a surprising view that emerged at higher levels in the British government.

“No 10’s plan is to encourage a financial market crash after losing a first vote”, a source

A source of sources admitted in the paper: “It would be a kamikaze approach.”

It’s a high-risk game and with Brexit Day it’s fast approaching it’s a bit of time trying to run a new deal.


By now, most followers of British politics will know that May is in a world of trouble. Her draft plan is not resembling lost or left, she has had a wave of layoffs from her closet and there is a strong chance she can meet a leadership confidence voice.

She claims that her deal honors 2016 referendum where Britain voted narrowly to leave the EU and allow the country to take control of its money, laws and borders.

“When you remove the details, the election is clear to us. This agreement, which delivers on the vote in the referendum, provides control of our money, laws and borders, stops free movement, protects work, security and our union – or leaves without agreement or no brexit at all, “the prime minister said.

If it was just that simple.

First, will Britain leave the EU next year? Yes – at least officially.

However, according to the draft agreement, there will be a transitional period lasting until December 31, 2020, as Britain would still be subject to all EU legislation, trade policy, existing EU rules on justice, home

This period may be jointly Approved to be extended in 21 months is not long enough to reach a trading department, which is unlikely to be.

This would essentially also mean a temporary, only-adapted territory, holding the whole of the United Kingdom in the EU Customs Union – until both the EU and the United Kingdom agree that it is no longer necessary.

The proposals have caused concern at Brexiteers, who are afraid of Britain to continue to follow the EU regulates indefinite time without saying anything about them. So, basically, they leave, but until a solution is found for the border issue, they become in a new temporary customs union and would need the EU’s permission to agree to leave.

Brexit supporters are concerned about this because they believe that Britain would be locked potentially for several years in a customs union that would cruel their chances of forging new trade agreements with countries such as Australia.

Mrs. May claims that there was no other offer on the table and it is only a backstop that will only kick in if a solution to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is not found. There are fears that a hard border can see a return to violence ending with the 1998 peace treaty.

The British backstop, as it is known, treats Northern Ireland in the same way as the rest of the United Kingdom but some Provisions apply only to the province – and this is the fact that Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab ended.

The proposal is for the United Kingdom to apply EU legislation on industrial, agricultural and environmental goods there as well as a Customs Code for the Shipping

To complicate things, the Prime Minister’s partner in the government, DUP, has knocked out and accused her of breaking her promise to them that Northern Ireland would never do anything different from the rest of Britain

For the money, Britain has agreed to pay £ 39 billion as a divorce settlement to the EU, but more money can change if the transition period goes beyond 2020, while a of the most controversial aspects – immigration – would stop EU immigrants “jump in gender” in front of other countries and would be skills-based.

Both Britons in the EU and EU residents in Britain would have their rights protected, but it does not clarify issues of “forward-looking” movement for Britons who may want to move to another EU country from what they live in after Brexit.

It also does not cover what happens to people who want to work in different countries, which is one of the biggest concerns for British citizens living in the EU.

Whether this draft plan sees the light of the day depends on a large number of variables, including Mrs May, who holds her job. But if one thing is certain, it is that British will have to attach themselves in very intense and insecure months.

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