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Brexit: United Kingdom and EU “agreement” in the draft recall agreement

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 Liam Fox Comes In Downing Street

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Ministers are kept informed about the draft agreement

British and EU officials have agreed on the draft agreement on Brexit after months of negotiations.

A source of sources told the BBC that the document has been agreed upon at technical level by officials from both sides after intensive discussions this week.

A special cabinet meeting will be held at 1

4:00 GMT Wednesday, as Theresa May is seeking ministerial support.

PM has met ministers in Downing Street for one-on-one talks about the draft agreement. 19659007] The pound rose against the dollar and the euro after the breakthrough – but analysts warned that it could be short-lived, with the cabinet and Parliament still unable to agree on the plans.

The EU said it would “take care of” Wednesday while the Irish government said the negotiations were “ongoing and not completed”.

Leading Brexiteers, like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, immediately criticized what was reported in the draft agreement and said it would retain Britain under EU control.

The Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party, which gives Theresa May an important support in important voices, said it would be a “very, very difficult sell”.

But Conservative Chief Whip Julian Smith said he was “confident” that would pass when it came to a crucial comment from the Commission and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling demanded “a little calm” before the cabinet gave its verdict on Wednesday.

Both the United Kingdom and the EU hope to plan a special summit in Europe leaders in late November to sign the deal.

What has been agreed?

The details of the draft agreement have not been published, so we do not know the small print yet.

But it is made up of a recall – called 500-page run-along with a statement on how Britain and the EU’s future relationship will look.

The recall covers how to ensure that there will not be physical border controls reintroduced in Northern Ireland – the main sting point in recent weeks.

Some Brexiteers fear that the likely arrangement will keep the United Kingdom locked in EU trade rules in the coming years to maintain a frictional border.

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The agreement also includes commitments on citizens’ rights after Brexit, a proposed transition period of 21 months after the UK departure on March 29, 2019 and details of the so-called divorce bill of GBP 39 billion. [19659007] The future relationship statement is expected to be much shorter, with Britain and the EU’s long-term trade arrangements not yet established.

No. 10, Ministers now called for a special meeting to “consider the draft agreement negotiation law has reached Brussels and decided on the next step.”

Before they do, they will be able to read relevant documentation.

Shrink to action

By BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg

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The deal is finally in speech 10’s grip.

The text taken with officials blood, sweat and tears has been agreed, at least at technical level.

Now a paper is prepared to present to the cupboard tomorrow ready for the government’s hopes the next step – political approval from Theresa Mays team, although many of them have deep reservations.

Remember the last 24 hours, some of which have warned privately because what’s on the table is just not acceptable and will never go through parliament. Some also believe that the prime minister should go.

But the government’s machine is now switching to action.

The former foreign secretary Johnson said that the plan would see that the United Kingdom remains in the Customs Union and “major parts” of

Rees-Mogg warned that Britain would become a “Washington State” with Northern Ireland ruled from Dublin. “[19659036] Managing Director Jeremy Corbyn said that “given the shameful nature of the negotiations, it is unlikely that it is a good deal for the country. “

Pro-EU Conservative MP Justine Greening said that the agreement would leave Britain with less influence and undermine its credibility.

Speaking at a rally that required another EU referendum to be held, she said,” Although some people in my party can not see this is a bad deal, everyone else around this planet can. “

The view from the EU

BBC Europe editor Katya Adler

Brussels is holding Schtum tonight. This does not mean nothing happens. Those who know, just prefer to keep quiet on this sensitive stage.

It seems that described me as a “mutual understanding” has actually been reached at a technical level between the EU and Britain’s Brexit negotiators.

This is not yet an agreement. All eyes are now in British if the ministers reject the draft, it is back to the drawing board.

If they approve, the 27 EU ambassadors scheduled to meet tomorrow will be informed by the European Commission that significant progress has been made in negotiations, which means that Brexit Summit could be convened with Theresa May, possibly in less than two weeks.

Firstly, all 27 EU countries and the European Parliament want to pore the text. ch it will not be an uncritical eye.

Meanwhile, after printing from all sides of the Commons, ministers have agreed to give parliamentarians a legal assessment of the consequences for Britain of the Irish backstop and other controversial aspects of any agreement.

State Minister David Lidington said Attorney General Geoffrey Cox pronounced himself to parliamentarians and put questions for the final vote on all Brexit agreements.

The MPs said he would see “a fully motivated statement statement on the government’s political and legal position on the proposed recall recall”.

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