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Brexit: UK and EU can still get an agreement within 48 hours, says Lidington | Policy

A Brexit deal can still be reached within the next 48 hours in order to trigger a November summit, said…

A Brexit deal can still be reached within the next 48 hours in order to trigger a November summit, said the deputy prime minister’s de facto deputy and warns that progress is “not at all decided”.

David Lidington said the negotiators had worked late in the evening and an agreement was “almost within range” but there was still disagreement about the most important point in combat &#821

1; an exit mechanism for the Irish backstop proposal.

Cabinet Brexiters has insisted Britain must have the power to unilaterally leave the “temporary” tariff arrangement negotiated to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

Lidington said that the backstop agreement was one of the “outstanding issues negotiated in the playoffs” and “must clearly be something that is temporary and not indefinite.”

He said there could be an agreement within the next two days, but the negotiator was still a distance apart. “Still possible, but not decided at all, I think pretty much,” he told BBC Radio 4’s current program.

“We’re not really there yet. This will always be an extremely difficult and extremely complicated negotiation, but we’re almost in the distance now.”

“However, as PM has said, there can not be an agreement for each price. There must be one that works in terms of the feeling we can deliver in the referendum results, and therefore it is a precautionary measure. “

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Lidington did not dispute that both sides thought the end of Wednesday was the last moment to meet in the European Council in November and said the deadline was important.

If progress were not reached, the final agreement is likely to be driven back to the planned summit in the Council on 13 and 14 December.

On Monday evening, Theresa May assumed that significant problems persist. The government ministers will not discuss Brexit on Tuesday, but an update on no preparations.

Addressing to the master’s banquet at the Guildhall in London on Monday evening, May said: “We work extremely hard throughout the night to make progress on the remaining issues in the recall agreement, which are significant.”

“Both parties want to reach a agreement, but what we are negotiating is extremely difficult. “

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