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Brexit Negotiators Still To Odds, Leaving All Options Open

British Prime Minister Theresa May's plans for a Brexit deal with the EU look more precarious than ever.With less than…

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for a Brexit deal with the EU look more precarious than ever.

With less than 20 weeks until Britain’s planned departure from the European Union, it is not clear whether any agreement she negotiates with The bloc would secure the support of her own cabinet, let alone the UK Parliament.

That means almost all possible. Brexit outcomes remain in play: from a chaotic no-deal. That official admits could lead to port hold-ups and shortages of food and medicine to the second extreme, a second referendum mandated. by Parliament that could reverse Brexit.

Prospects for an agreement passport in London became even more unpredictable Friday with the resignation of pro-EU education minister Jo Johnson.

Mr. Johnson, a junior transport minister whose anti-EU brother, Boris, resigned as foreign secretary in July, called for a second referendum, saying the decision to leave the EU taken in the June 201

6 referendum was based on a false prospectus. The choice Mrs. May’s deal would offer, he said, was between “vassalage and chaos.”

Mr. Johnson’s resignation reinforces the shakiness of the prime minister’s strategy, emphasizing how she is hemmed in by both pro-EU and anti-EU groups in her Conservative Party.

Yet that battle in London can only be joined when there is a deal with The EU, which there is not yet. On Monday, intensive talks in Brussels among EU and U.K. negotiators were under way, after lasting until 2:45 pm the night before.

A British official said a deal would have been reached by Wednesday evening for a special EU Summit to be called this month, and that now looked unlikely.

Without a November Summit, the focus for the deal would shift to a scheduled EU summit on Dec. 13 and 14 in Brussels, likely postponing the fight in the British Parliament to January. Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said Monday he was hoping for progress “before Christmas.”

The sticking point in negotiations remains how to deal with the border between Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, and the Irish republic, which will remain inside the EU.

The UK is ingesteld om te vertrekken in de Europese Unie in maart 2019. Maar ondanks meer dan twee jaar van onderhandelingen kunnen ze nog steeds niet akkoord gaan met de voorwaarden van hun scheiding. The WSJ explains the key sticking points ahead of a set of crucial negotiations. Image: Reuters

Though it sounds like a sideshow, the outcome of these negotiations will

shape the future relationship of the whole U.K. med EU og kunne have en vigtig betydning for Storbritanniens fremtidige interne samhørighed.

The U.K. has said it hopes the future trade deal will secure such close links between the U.K. and EU that customs and other checks will not be necessary on the Irish border. The stumbling block in talks is about an insurance policy-the so-called Irish backstop-if such an agreement is not forthcoming.

The backstop envisions the U.K.

Anti-EU lawmakers argue that this could leave the U.K. of the EU’s customs union until other arrangements, possibly using new technologies, are put in place to avoid a new frontier. in the EU’s customs zone indefinitely, and want to make sure the U.K. can pull out unilaterally. The EU argues that if the U.K.

 Anti-Brexit protesters holding up signs as Northern Irish politicians speak on Monday in central London.

Anti-Brexit protesters holding up signs as Northern Irish politicians speak on Monday in central London.


Daniel Leal-Olivas / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images

“If we end any sort of temporary arrangement, it has to be a bilateral decision, from the EU 27 and the U.K. at the same time. And we need to know at that moment what sort of solution there is for the Irish border, “said French EU Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau on Monday.

Given the U.K. EU-forhandlere har presset for et yderligere fallback-den “backstop to the backstop”, som ville holde Nordirland indenfor EUs økonomiske orbit, en løsning som ville skabe handelsbarrierer mellem de enkelte dele af Storbritannien [19659004] That prospect is anathema to Pro-Brexit lawmakers, who also object to the conditions the EU would place on continuing customs union membership. Disse inkluderer en insistens om at et jaktfelt bør eksistere mellem U.K. and EU companies that would lock the U.K. into EU rules on issues like state aid, labor and environmental policies. It could also leave the U.K. bound by EU fisheries policy.

“The Customs Union is an option, but it must be ensured that no unrelated relationship has been created between the EU27 and the UK,” said Michael Roth, Germany’s EU Affairs Minister.

” Der har to være et rigtigt tilbagestop og ikke en fake one. “

De backstopforslag fremmer pro-Brexit lovmakers og ministers, som tror på at mange har været indrømmet allerede i EU, såvel som pro-UK Northern Ireland Lawmakers of the Democratic Unionist Party on whom Mrs. May depends on her majority in Parliament.

Mrs. May’s path through this, assuming she secures a deal, would be to assure Parliament that the customs union backstop will be temporary, if necessary at all, and that the backstop to the backstop will never be invoked.

Then she must convince a majority of British lawmakers who cast a vote that the only realistic alternative to this deal-a no-deal Brexit-would be a disaster for which the British public would not forgive them.

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