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Brexit Negotiations Last – BBC News

November 14, 2018 World 3 Views Mark Francois, Vice President of Pro-Brexit European ResearchThe group said he believes there will…

Mark Francois, Vice President of Pro-Brexit European Research
The group said he believes there will be a majority in the cabinet in favor of Theresa May’s deal.

But he warned the defense ministers to “look into their hearts” and consider their positions.

He told BBC Radio 4 today’s program: “This is the most important decision they ever make
all their lives.

“It is an open secret that there are a number of members of
the cabinet is very dissatisfied with this and has been quite a long time

“For these members of the cabinet, today
is that day and if the prime minister blows it through and they oppose
but they have not listened to, then they have to take one
Extremely important decisions and history will judge what they did. “

Asked if his word was” culture “of the BBC’s Nick Robinson, Francois said no.

” By the end of the day they are adults, they are
officers in the Conservative Party, they are on top of our political
system, I’m just one of the poor bloody infantry on the hind legs. “

But he added:” There are a number of cabinet ministers who deep down much
much opposes this [deal].

“They must look into their hearts and decide
if a jaguar, a red box and a lot of sycophantic officials call you
Minister is more important than your country’s fate. “

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