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Brexit: Keep your nerve, Raab tells “jittery” Tories

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Mediaskrift Dominic Raab: “It’s time to play for the team”

The Breach secretary has said he understands Tory jitters about EU negotiations but urged parliamentarians to Keep his nerves as conversation goes on.

“The end is in sight when it comes to a lot, the price we want,” says Dominic Raab, asking them to “wait and see”.

It’s coming during the speculation magazine that Theresa may meet a voice of confidence from Tory MPs.

On Saturday marchers marched through London to demand a general vote on what the Brexit deal is negotiated.

Some Tory MPs became angry last week with a suggestion that the transition period after Brexit &#821

1; designed to iron the road between the United Kingdom which left the EU in March 2019 and a future long-term relationship with Brussels – could be extended.

Ex-Tory leader and prominent Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith said it would see Britain pay EU bills of billions “more and he said the negotiations” look more like a surrender. “

Moray MP Douglas Ross said Scotland’s 13 conservative MPs would not support an agreement on Britain was part of the Common Fisheries Policy after 2020. [19659004] And Tory Backbone Andrew Bridgen told the post on Sunday Theresa May “drinks last chance salon” and must attend a meeting in Conservative backbenchers 1922 committee this week.

Raab told BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that he was “open minded” about the possibility of extending the transition period – as the government calls the implementation period – for about three months or so if needed as long as it was ready how the UK would get out of it to avoid “any sense that we were left undecided in some kind of customs union limbo”. [19659011] Please upgrade your browser

Your guide to Brexit jargon

He said: “I think it is understandable that there is jitter on all sides of this debate and we need to keep our nerve. The end is aimed at a lot – the price we want – a lot with the EU and I think colleagues should wait and see what it looks like. “

He added:” We do not want to bring back something that we are not convinced of is a very good for Britain. But now it’s time to play for the team, I think it’s like we get the best deal for the EU and I think that’s what the country expects of us. “

Question about the realistic readmission agreement could still be negotiated after November, he replied:” I think if it went further than we would have trouble doing the deal, and that would almost be the worst scenario – we had a deal but could not implement it on time.

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Mediaskrift Saturday saw huge amounts of march in London to demand further EU referendum

At the same time, Brexit minister Suella Braverman has told BBC’s Pienaar Politics that she supports the Prime Minister , but refused to say if she would get her back to the Confederation.

She said, “I do not think there will be confidence in the prime minister and I support the UN Secretary-General unambiguously and I want her to get on with the job to deliver Brexit and I know she will do it. “

The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU with a margin of 51.89% to 48.11% in a referendum in June 2016.

It is due to leave March 29, 2019, but during the transition period after Brexit, which will expire on 31 December 2020, relations between the United Kingdom and the EU will remain broadly the same.

If a long-term “future relationship”, including trade agreements, is not completed, both parties have agreed on the need for provisions to ensure that there is no need for customs controls – a “hard border” – between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic during the interim period.

This is called “backstop” – but the two sides have not yet agreed on what form will take and how long it can take.

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Mediaskrift Keir Starmer: If an agreement is made before the turn of the year, it will not go [19659018] On Saturday, protesters participated in a major march in London’s parliamentary field to demand a new referendum – this time on a final Brexit deal negotiated. The organizers say it attracted around 700,000 people.

Occupational Shadow Brexy Secretary Sir Keir Starmer said that the march reflected “a much larger group, both Leave and Remain [voters]who completely lost confidence in the Prime Minister’s ability to” take back a bargain.

Questioned by the Labor Ministers MPs would return to May in Parliament, rather than risking a “no agreement” trip from the EU, he said: “We do not accept this proposal, it is or no business, and it’s not just us . There is a large majority in parliament that will not accept that the option to Theresa Mays affair, if there is one, is no agreement. “

He added:” I do not think anyone believes that this 30-year civil war in the Tory party in Europe will end before Christmas.

“What we will see is even if there is an agreement, the Tory party will try to tear it up next year … They will not stop fighting this .

“We have the very serious situation where people say” Is this government actually capable of delivering because it is so divided? “.”. “.

It has been criticized by the language reported from the named Tory sources about May’s future as conservative leader that she came into the” death zone “and told her to” bring yourself. “

Scotland’s first Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted:

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