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Brexit Bill: UK Labor will seek confidence vote in May if she loses key test

If the government survives a misconduct, Labor could begin with a campaign for a second referendum on remaining in the…

If the government survives a misconduct, Labor could begin with a campaign for a second referendum on remaining in the European Union, said Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer on Sunday.

“I think if the prime minister has lost a voice of that kind of significance, there must be a question of trust for his government,” said Starmer Sky News, referring to the December 11 vote scheduled in the House of Commons for May’s Brexit Bill.

Now back from the G20 talks, May has only one week to convince opposing MPs to send the bill, a performance that the country’s pro-Brexit Environment Minister Michael Gove acknowledges will be “challenging”.

Gove told BBC Sunday that if ministers do not send the bill “the options are no agreement or no brexit.”

The probability of rejection may increase on Monday if the work succeeds in unveiling the full legal advice she sought prior to the agreement on the agreement with the European leaders last month.

UK lawyer Geoffrey Cox is due to short legislators on the issue on Monday, but Downing Street tries to avoid publishing full advice, as opposed to a commander’s voice last month to commit it. The government claims that Cox’s briefing will be enough, but Starmer said, “If they do not produce it tomorrow, we’ll start contempt proceedings, and it will be a collision course between the government and parliament.”

“I accept that it’s exceptional to have it revealed. It has happened before but it’s exceptional,” he added. “That’s why we had a debate in parliament, saying, is it so rare that it is revealed?”

This will put May in a difficult position as she tries to lobby the Conservative Party on her behalf, while potentially having to disclose compromises over the so-called Northern Ireland’s “backstop” position that could make it in the eyes of Pro Brexit -parlamentsmedlemmar.

The backstop is designed to prevent a tough border between EU member Ireland and Brexiting Northern Ireland ̵

1; as many fears can lead to a return to violence in the region. Under the agreement with Brussels, failed to reach an alternative agreement a backstop in the form of a “Common Customs Tariff between the European Union and the United Kingdom.”

Such a situation would essentially leave the United Kingdom both in and out of the EU, in accordance with all EU rules and regulations but could not affect them. It would also block the most ambitious political guidelines for hair dresses in the May party, many of whom see such an agreement as an anem to the 2016 vote to leave the EU.

As if the Northern Ireland problem was not bad enough for May’s chances, the government also had to admit last week that the deal will be bad for Britain’s economy. According to estimates from Downing Street and the Bank of England under what scenario leaving the EU, Britain will be poorer than staying.

In the increasingly likely event, which can therefore lose the next week’s vote, Labor will almost certainly seize it as an opportunity to put down its government – which is currently revealed by an innocent alliance with the right Northern Irish Democratic Union Party (DUP), which itself is expected to vote against the deal.

“Of course, it will depend on what actually happens within nine days. It depends on what the answer is. But if she has lost a voice of this importance after two years of negotiations, then it should be a general the election, but for the law on time-limited parliaments, the convention was always if a government loses what is known as the “trust-roll” – something of such importance – then the government must go, said Starmer.

Under the law on time-limited parliaments 2011, the government in theory has a five-year period a misconduct or a vote of two thirds of the public can nevertheless lead to a general election at any time and make it very difficult for today’s government to ward off a election should legislators want to go to voters.

“Of course, if it does not happen We push other options as a public vote because we have gone through the first two options we would have to watch what happens then, “said Starmer.

Such a situation, while influencing the press on the May Board, would probably be preferable to the prime minister who previously tried to paint Labor as unreliable on Brexit and allow her to crush support Eurosceptic voters over the political spectrum.

While Labor has previously committed itself to following through on Brexit, support for a second referendum has grown inside the party, and last month, shadow chancellor John McDonnell said it was “inevitable” that if a general election was not possible “then another alternatives we have kept on the table is the voice of a people. “

The Environmental Secretary, Gove said on Sunday that a second referendum” would undermine our democracy “and predicted that if it were held people would vote to leave “in even greater numbers.”
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