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Brenda Snipes resigns as a constituency for Broward County

B Renda Snipes has lifted her resignation as deputy leader in Broward County, and vowed to fight the immediate suspension…

B Renda Snipes has lifted her resignation as deputy leader in Broward County, and vowed to fight the immediate suspension that hit her by outgoing Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott for alleged irregularities.

Snipe’s heartbreak was announced by Burnadette Norris-Weeks, adviser to the election committee in Broward County, on Saturday after Scott’s signing of an executive order on Friday to replace Snipes, a Democrat with Republican Peter Antonacci, Scotts former General Adviser.

Scott, who will join the congress of the New Year as the next Florida senator, cited complaints against Snipes for “incorrectness, incompetence and neglect of customs”. It is unclear how the order will affect the $ 71

,000 pension per year Snipes was due to receive when she went down from the post.

“We will fight for this,” told Norris-Week’s reporters during a press conference Saturday, according to the Miami Herald. “In [addition] to that, Dr. Snipes hereby revokes her resignation that would have been effective January 4th. She terminates this departure as we move forward and fight these … claims that are frivolous.”

“The supervisor is kept to a standard that no other supervisor has been held in the state of Florida, “said Norris-Weeks.” We are upset by the governor’s actions. We think it’s an evil act that should not have happened. “

On Saturday, Snipes defended her 15 years of office as election leader of the strong democratic county, a position she took in 2003 after being appointed by Republican Da Gov. Jeb Bush after her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant, also a black democratic woman, was interrupted for infinity. Antonacci, now President and Chief Executive Officer of the State Economic Development Agency Enterprise Florida, represented Bush at the 2004 Senate hearing against Oliphant, reported Sun Sentinel. , re-elected later 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

“We follow all statutes presented in the state, we take the appropriate form of education, we have invested in a lot of equipment,” said Snipe’s Saturday according to the Miami Herald. There are questions that must be handled in the form of a structure – it can be a legal structure, it may be the physical structure we are dealing with. “

Snipes left A resignation in November shortly after Florida completed its manual calculation for the state senate, gubernatorial and agricultural commissioner races. The departure began to come into force in January.

Scott and the National Republican Senator Committee had been successfully sentenced to Snipes while the election results were still uncertain in order not to release information about the number of votes and how many votes have not yet been counted in the county. However, the Florida Department of Elections, run by Scott appointed Foreign Minister Ken Detzner, found no evidence of criminal activity in the management of the county’s election after being asked to investigate the controversy.

During Snipe’s clock this year, Broward County failed 2000 votes during the mandated hand statewide recount period, mixed irregular polls with valid, and missed a two-minute deadline to reveal machinerecount numbers. Previously she was accused of conducting unfair procedures, including destroying voices and publishing results too soon.

Snipe’s revocation indicates her intention to continue until the official end of her term of office in November 2020. According to Florida’s constitution, the state senate has three months to begin removing proceedings against her.

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