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Breast Cancer Survivor Posts “No Breastfeeding Zone” Characters

A new mom just came before a breastfeeding criticism in a super creative way. Meghan Koziel, a Pittsburgh-based breast cancer…

A new mom just came before a breastfeeding criticism in a super creative way.

Meghan Koziel, a Pittsburgh-based breast cancer survivor who passed a double mastectomy at the age of 26 in 2015, born his first child daughter Kendra Jane Koziel, September 15th.

But before Kendra arrived, Koziel had a request to hospital staff whom she conveyed through a pink sign over her bed reading “No Breastfeeding Zone” along with a poem about her desire to feed her daughter and quit, “This mom is a survivor. “

“Attention, attention please. We actually have a mother-to-be who had breast cancer and a mastectomy that means without breasts in houseeeee!” Koziel wrote with pleasure his photo. “Got the banner up, only if people are confused about why we should not breastfeed our little bundle of joy.”

She continued: “Yes, I have fobs, no, I have no breasts or nipples because … my body is unable to breastfeed 🙂 -sign made by me !!!!!)”

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In an interview with, Koziel revealed that she considered getting breast milk from a local milk bank but that the need for Because of a mastectomy was not covered by her insurance – therefore she would spend $ 3 to $ 5 per ounce of milk tested.

“I was then referred to local Facebook Milk Donation Groups but was shut down because the milk has no chance of being tested,” she said.

“Yes, breast milk is amazing and filled with greatest nutrition … but it can also bear disease!” Noted koziel. “I’m not willing to risk my daughter’s life just to use breast milk when the formula has been used for years and there is no known difference from a breastfeeding to a shaped baby.”

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The new mother urged other women in a similar situation that she would never “give up hope” on her dreams of to become mothers.

“Doctors can not guarantee fertility, but if you think about it … fertility is not guaranteed for anyone in life!” Koziel told

“Miracles happen, and if you can think naturally through IVF or adoption … there’s always a way to become a mother! You just have to find the path and trust it when found.”

“For all mothers I face complicated health processes or social media trolls how to raise your child, I would say … keep on being! “she added. “We all have to make decisions that are best for our families, and it’s really no-one’s business if it does not affect them! Raise your child surrounded by love and happiness and that sweetheart will be amazing.”

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