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Braison Cyrus, Miley's brother, becomes engaged

The Cyrus family has a lot to be grateful for this high season! On the day that Miley Cyrus celebrated…

The Cyrus family has a lot to be grateful for this high season!

On the day that Miley Cyrus celebrated her birthday – surrounded by family members like father Liam Hemsworth and dad Billy Ray Cyrus – her little brother, Braison Cyrus announced his commitment to the visual merchandiser Stella McBride over Instagram.

“She said yes 💍 My life has changed in so many amazing ways this year but the most amazing has met and fallen in love,” wrote Braison, 24, in his post to Social Media on Friday morning. “I love you with all my heart and I can not wait to marry you.”

The model published a photograph of itself and his love shares a kiss while she shows up her new ring.

Share the same photo, McBride said: “Love in my life &#821

1; nothing has ever made me happier than saying yes to you forever. You’re the cutest soul and I can not wait to be your wife.” [19659002] Braison asked for the stylist’s hand in marriage with a striking and unusual ring with an oval opal rather than a diamond and a gold band that looked like a vine

The engaged couple has dated less than a year.

Mother Tish Cyrus also sent a picture of the happy couple to her Instagram account.

“She said YES,” Tish, 51, wrote. “Congratulations @braisonccyrus @stylesofstella # love # shesaidyes #family.”

Braison, a musician who has also played in movies like 2016’s Heels and Doc 2001 many photographs to Instagram showing his love for McBride, and has called her her “best friend “.

Dozens of fans commented on the Instagram message to congratulate the couple, and many also complemented McBride’s “amazing” engagement ring. [19659002] RELATED : Miley Cyrus celebrates the 26th anniversary of Liam Hemsworth after the fire destroyed their homes

Since Braison was busy sealing the deal with McBride, it is unclear if he made it to the family party to celebrate Miley & # 39; s 26th birthday with his other siblings, Noah and Trace Cyrus.

“Thank you for this moment,” Billy Ray, 57, wrote in the caption on a photo showing the family collection. “My thoughts and prayers with as many hearts as needed. Peace and love for all.”

Miley Cyrus and family

Billy Ray Cyrus / Instagram [19659023] Miley and Hemsworth recently lost their Malibu homes in devastating Woolsey Fire, which destroyed more than 1,600 homes and claimed at least three lives.

On November 13, Hemsworth released a picture showing the home in ashes, with the word “LOVE” that has survived the flames.

“Happy birthday to my sweet girl,” Hemsworth, 28, wrote about Miley on social media to commemorate her birthday. “You are more valuable than ever. So grateful to have you in my life.”

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