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Brad Paisley remembers Roy Clark, Buck Owens, Hee Haw in Clark's Death

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Paisley and Clark’s First Meeting

The first time Paisley met Clark at a casino in Connecticut. Paisley played the scene and Clark had a show nearby. Clark came up with the guitar and inserted the band.

“He knew I was a picker,” said Paisley. “We played” Under the Double Eagle “and a lot of these quick picking songs, and he made it a few times on the way. He lived in Oklahoma. Every time we were to play Tulsa he would sit in.”

After Paisley lost Their tournament instrument in Nashville Flood 2010 showed Clark on one of his shows with a Fender Telecaster to give Paisley.

“He wrote it,” To Brad, your friend Roy Clark “on it, Paisley said.” And I played that night with it and he inserted it and played it over the years. I saw him several times. “

Pickin & Grinnin

The moment of particular perception for Paisley came upon the opening of the 50’s CMA Awards. The performance began with a partnership honored the past and present of country music. Vince Gill kicked off the night sang Merle Haggard’s “Mummy tried” in a dark room.

Paisley wound her arm around Clark, who was about to join the scene. Paisley wore Owens iconic yellow jacket and Clark were in a red sequined top layer.

“We looked like a million dollars sit I’m there, remember Paisley. “I do not think I let him go.” I said, “I love you.” He said, “I love you too.” “

Paisley pointed out that he was wearing Owens yellow coat and Clark took his arm.

“He said,” Let me touch it, “said Paisley stifling tears.” Then it got up and I said, “I’m a pickin.” “And he said,” I’m a grin. ” and Clark’s famous lines from “Hee Haw” I think I’ll ever surpass it. “

Paisley learned many things from Clark over the years about how to entertain, including that there are about a million ways to do that. 19659008] ROY CLARK: “Hee Haw” co-host, Country Music Hall of Fame member dies at 85

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“You can enjoy digging your teeth and acting like what you play is really tough even when you’ve learned and it’s not hard for you anymore, Paisley said. “Have you ever seen a show where it looked like he did not mind I walked from the rails? He always felt like he was wearing a solo, and I’m sure of him. “

But joy is the most important lesson Paisley said he took from Clark – find joy in that music that he sometimes believes is lost in the modern era.

” Roy was the decisive showman, the entertainer, and that blinks in his eye, “Paisley said.” Can you see Roy Clark without a wink in the eye? He was the name of a star in that sense. Literally a star. “

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