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BQ mobile for less than 100 euros! Flash sale of BQ Aquaris U for 99 euros


We are a little less than 3 weeks away from knowing the new BQ range buffers. Yesterday the Spanish firm announced that the BQ Aquaris X2 and BQ Aquaris X2 Pro will be presented the second week of May and it seems that from the warehouses of the manufacturer begin to make room for the new terminals.

That is why today, from 14h noon , you can buy the BQ Aquaris U , average range of the house, for less than 100 euros. Specifically, a flash sale will start that will allow you, as long as you hurry, buy the BQ Aquaris U for 99 euros .

This offer is limited to 99 units, but this does not mean that if you can not buy any of them you can not take advantage of more offers in the BQ mobile . As the units run out in BQ Aquaris U offer we can buy more units for a few euros more, leaving the complete promotion as follows:

  • First 99 BQ Aquaris U for sale: € 99
  • Next 104 BQ Aquaris U for sale: € 104
  • Next 109 BQ Aquaris U for sale: € 109
  • Next 113 BQ Aquaris U for sale: € 113
  • Next 116 BQ Aquaris U for sale: € 116

BQ mobile for less than 100 euros! Flash sale of BQ Aquaris U for 99 euros

You can take advantage of the o ferta of the BQ Aquaris U both in the manufacturer’s online store and in the BQ Spaces that the company has distributed by the national geography. In these sales positions will equal the price that is in the online store at that precise moment. To this promotion is added the discount on all BQ mobile accessories, either the BQ Aquaris U or another terminal of the manufacturer’s catalog. They will be during the period marked at 50% of their original price.

Characteristics of BQ Aquaris U

It is without a doubt an excellent offer, because yesterday we discovered the lowest price of BQ Aquaris U on Amazon and the figure was around 130 euros. The BQ promotion allows you to buy it even for a lower price and take home one of the best mid-range market . The phone has a 5-inch screen that reaches an HD resolution under which we find a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 together with 2 GB of RAM . To this we must add 16 GB of expandable internal storage with MicroSD cards as well as a 16 megapixel rear camera with aperture f / 2.0, 5 megapixel front camera and a 3,080 mAh battery.