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Bourke Street attack: one death, two injured in Melbourne stabbing attack | Australia news

The police are dealing with an attack in Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall where one person was mortally pushed and two…

The police are dealing with an attack in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall where one person was mortally pushed and two others were injured as an event of terrorism.

The attacker shot by the police as the scary scene evolved in the neighborhood of Melbourne on Friday. He died later that night at the hospital.

Witnesses said they heard a high explosion and saw a car bell in flames outside Target on Bourke Street, between Swanston and Russell Streets at 1


Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said the attacks were known for police and federal intelligence.

“What we know so far about the individual … from what we know, we treat this as a terrorist accident,” he said.

“We believe we have confirmation of the identity [and] there are ongoing investigations conducted by terrorism. I do not have the freedom to disclose this person’s identity.”

“He is known to police, mainly in relation to relatives as he has interesting to us. He is someone who is so famous for the Victoria Police and the federal intelligence officials. “

Ashton said there was no ongoing threat and would not share further details about the attacker’s identity and motives.

Video films circulating on social media showed a man who was facing the police after the vehicle exploded and attempted to hit them and then fall backward after what sounded like a shot. One of the police had their weapons drawn.

The alteration was filmed by several contenders on the scene from several angles.

But Ashton denied that the attacker had screamed “Allahu Ackbar”, as reported by some on social media

. He said that fire and rescue discovered barbecue grills in his patio.

“Witnesses to this event and people recorded things on social media on their phones etc. as well,” Ashton said. “If there are witnesses to this event, eyewitnesses, we would like to talk to them and we would ask if they could attend one of our police stations, Melbourne West Station on Spencer Street and we can intervene and hopefully get statements from some witnesses like saw the things. “

Aaksh Verma gave a statement to the police after seeing the event evolve. He worked when he heard a crack. He went out and said he saw a flaming trolley rolling the diagnosis against Target. Then he saw the police pulling up. “A black guy came to the police when the police stopped inside the car,” Verma said.

“I’m not sure if he opened the door or if the police opened the door.”

When the door of the car was open and while the police were still sitting down, the man began to sharpen him sharply, Verma said. He was not sure if the man came into contact with the police or if the West’s police prevented him from being pushed.

The police’s partner came out from the other side of the vehicle and came around to intervene. [19659002

Both police tried to use pepper spray and to take a guy but it did not seem to have any effect, Verma said.

“The person did not look like he would run away, he wanted to stay and fight,” said Verma. “He said nothing. He had as a million chances to run away, there are many laneways.”

Verma said attempts were made to help while the police waited for backup, an armed with a wagon and another armor with a chair.

On Friday night the premiere Daniel Andrews offered his compassion.

He said “we will not be defined by this” and thanked the police for their “very quick response” and said “they have made each of us proud”.

“Stranger and statesman, who did not know anyone involved, penetrated without a moment hesitation … they are also people whose qualities make us all proud too,” he said.

“We extend our thoughts and prayers to all who are injured and extend our deepest, deepest sympathies.”

He said people should contact Lifeline, Griefline and Beyond Blue if they had suffered.

“These are traumatic events, they are scary,” said the premier. “Many will have seen them first hand.”

The incident comes two days after the trial of Melbourne man James Gargasoulas, who has accused himself of 33 charges including six counts of murder for a fatal event on January 20, 2017 when he probably drove a car through pedestrians along Bourke Street Mall and killed six people.

Cars are not allowed in the part of the street where the event occurred, and the area has been further protected by concrete bollards since the tragedy in January 2017. However, there is access to police cars, trams and waste trucks.

Witnesses said the police were in place within a few minutes.

Neil McKeller, who works at Hyland’s Bookshop on Bourke Street, told Guardian Australia he heard a high explosion and then shot.

“We heard the explosion, and we heard shots later,” said McKellar. “We heard it, but we did not know what it was.”

The buildings surrounding the event are being locked, and the police blocked by parts of the Bourke and Swanston streets. Trams on both streets were also stopped.

Witness Meegan May went on a tram when the event occurred.

“A couple of people on the trams said someone had a knife and when I got up and looked through the rear window,” she told ABC. “I could see a big one out on fire and drive across the road.”

“It came to a stop on the other side, and then I could see a man and two policemen trying to calm him. He waved his arms, someone said he had a knife – I could not tell where I was. 19659002] “And then not long after I heard a loud hug that sounded like a shot, nothing like an explosion, and then someone told me they could see someone who gave birth to a chest and an ambulance and 50 police cars came out out of nowhere not long after that. “

The police have asked all the witnesses and anyone with video clips to send it to them via a link on the Victoria Police facebook page.

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