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Boston Globe editorial board: Elizabeth Warren should carefully think about running against Trump

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Boston Globe editorial board – who had urged Massachusetts Democratic Senate Elizabeth Warren to run to President in 2016 – wrote a Thursday that she had become too “splitting” and would be better to stay in the senate instead of running against president trump in 2020.

“while the warren is an effective and impressive senator with an important voice nationally, she has become a shattering figure,” the editors wrote. “A unifying voice is what the country needs now after Donald Trump’s polarization policy.”

It is far from 2015, when the board wrote: “Democrats would make a big mistake if they left the Hillary Clinton Coast without the real resistance, and as a national leader, Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Senator, could make sure that it did not happen. Warren said she would not run for president herself, she should rethink. “

” Leaping to President is difficult. Deciding not to run? It could be even harder, “began Thursday’s paragraph before announcing a announcement from former Democratic Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick that he would not start a 2020 run.

While pointing out Patric’s duty and saying that he “would have been a formidable candidate,” the publication called on other legislators in the state “tasked with trial run” to “think carefully before they jump in.”

The outlet noted several legislators who have been accused of considering a White House bid. They also recalled how 2015 the annual Warren reports should run, partly due to the lack of serious competition against Hillary Clinton.

Clinton eventually became the Democratic candidate and lost to Trump in the general election.

But there is not as much need of more democratic candidates in the race this time, said the outlet.

“With or without Massachusetts candidates, it appears that the party will have a wide, racial and ideologically varied field,” they said while noting several possible challenger.

Warren did not enter the open window opportunity in the 2016 election and now “there is reason to be skeptical” about her possible success as a candidate, The Globe said while taking note of any opinion polls in the state.

“Governor Baker gathered more votes than her in a state that would be a democratic sanctuary, “the Globe wrote.” During a September vote, it appeared that Massachusetts voters were more enthusiastic about Patr I did a vithus bid than Warren. “


Warren has not been shy about her interest in running towards President Trump, at one point saying that after the middle elections she would “take a hard look at running to president”.

While recognizing the difficulty for politicians to decide to start a campaign after having previously suggested they would agree, The Globe Patrick noted the ability to do so.

“It’s no shame to test the water and decide to stay on the beach,” they concluded. [19659005] Fox News & Mike Emanuel contributed to this report.

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