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Boris Johnson ordered to apologize to Parliament for failing to declare the outcome

Boris Johnson has been forced to apologize to the House of Commons after failing to report his full results to…

Boris Johnson has been forced to apologize to the House of Commons after failing to report his full results to the house authorities on nine occasions.

The former Foreign Minister repeatedly failed to register his income within the time period required by parliamentary rules, as the Commissioner for Standards found.

“The nine late registrations made by the member at the time when I began my request had a total value of £ 52,722.80, equivalent to almost seventy percent of a member’s salary,” said the commissioner in a statement.

They added that the violation of the rules did not appear to be inadvertent.

“The number of late registrations suggested lack of attention to the requirements of the house, rather than unintentionally wrong. Against this background, this issue could not be terminated by the correction process,” they said.

They added: “Although Johnson told me that the late registrations were unintentional” the fact that the late registration had occurred on four separate occasions involved nine payments, indicating lack of pay attention to or consider the requirements of the house rather than supervision or accidental error. “

Johnson told parliamentarians on Thursday that he accepted that he had violated the rules.

” You will be aware that the Standards Committee published a report on nine payments, mostly unexpected foreign royalties, which I am very sorry to say, was registered late in the interest of the member register, “Johnson said to Commons.” 1

9659002 “I fully accept that the delay was a violation of the rules of the House and although I am grateful to the committee and acknowledged that there was no intention to mislead the House and I has been completely open, I therefore offer the house full and unprecedented excuse. ”

The revelation is very embarrasing for Johnson as the Allies are preparing to challenge May if there would be a misunderstanding in her leadership over the next few months.

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