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Boring Company goes brick with The Brick Store – TechCrunch

Elon Musk has shot some crazy, incredible tweets in the past year, but he did not shout on the bricks.…

Elon Musk has shot some crazy, incredible tweets in the past year, but he did not shout on the bricks. Musk has started a company called The Brick Store LLC to produce and sell bricks, according to public documents received by TechCrunch.

The new company, founded in July 19659003, will be run by Steve Davis, the ex-SpaceX engineer who also runs The Boring Company (TBC).

TBC is developing new tunnel and transport technology, and the bricks will be made of land shifted by the company’s tunnel drilling machines. Elon Musk has tweeted that the bricks can cost as little as 10 cents each, and maybe even given to affordable housing projects.

Brick Store’s first physical outlet will be far from Tesla’s stylish design space. Planning document submitted to Hawthorne, a city in southwest Los Angeles County, shows a rounded building around a mile from TBC and SpaceX’s headquarters. Prohibition of black steel grids “will be used … to accentuate the entrances and windows”, TBC wrote in its application to reassess the building.

Despite these design blossoms, TBC did not choose the building for its aesthetic appeal. The building – former housing for kitchen cabinets – is located above an outlet tunnel that TBC digs to extract the dull machine from its first test tunnel. This is supposed to show off Loop a proposed subway system that carries people or cars on stand-alone boating rides up to 150 miles per hour.

The tunnel was originally planned to extend about two miles under public roads from a parking structure next to SpaceX. But in April of this year, TBC used a subsidiary to quietly buy the Hawthorne Corner, which is approximately halfway along the planned route, for $ 2 million.

In July, TBC Hawthorne asked permission to use that party to build an access shaft to extract its tunnel drill, which, as it could not move back, would otherwise be abandoned at the end of the excavation.

The same month, Musk founded the Brick Store, whose purpose, according to license applications, is “manufacture and sale of bricks”. TBC has already produced some bricks made by Tunnel Removal and Musk [19659017] tweeted yesterday that they would be used to build a watch tower at the tunnel entrance.

Transformation of tunnel waste into a valuable product fits in with Music’s environmental rewards – and will save TBC from the cost of disposing of all dirt. The TBC even suggested that the bricks could possibly be used as part of the tunnel presence. Musk has previously said that the tunnel would officially open on December 10th.

TBC did not respond immediately upon request for comment on this story.

Bricks from everyday fields, commonly called compressed soil blocks (CEB), return to ancient times. CEB is still used in developing countries today and is part of the building codes in California and New Mexico. But even there, the market for them is small – possibly because CEB buildings can be difficult to build, lead and isolate. BC has even suggested that the bricks can potentially be used as part of the tunneling itself.

Dwell Earth sells machines that produce CEB by applying pressure to a mixture of soil and some cement.

“Elon seems to have a way of bringing energy and talent to great challenges, and we’re excited to see him as excited about [CEBs] as we are,” says Bob de Jong founder Dwell Earth TechCrunch .

 Boring Company

TBC received about $ 112 million from Musk earlier this year. These funds will be used to build a number of tunnels around the country, including a Loop to connect Dodger Stadium to the LA subway, one that would link Chicago and Hare Airport, as well as a ambitious commuter loop between Washington, DC and Maryland.

These projects can be counteracted, or at least delayed, due to an increasingly heated trade war between the US and China.

TBC lawyers wrote to the United States Trade Representative in July that the duties imposed by President Trump on Chinese tunnels machine parts, among other products, would delay their projects by up to two years and significantly lost jobs. The company requested an exception from the tariffs not yet granted.

If there is someone who can recreate dirt and build a market for CEB, it’s Elon Musk. But even if the brick bricks do not get enough money for a Mars mission or save the planet, they are at least a bit more practical than a novel “not a flamthrower “.

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