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Bomb explodes in mosque filled with inviting soldiers in Afghanistan and kills at least 10

A bomb exploded during Friday's prayers in a mosque filled with army forces in Afghanistan's southeastern Khost province, killing at least 27 of them, a government spokeswoman said.There were contradictory accounts of how the blasting triggered. Some officials said a suicide bomber detonated explosives on his body, while other officials said they suspected that a bomb hidden in the mosque's main hall detonated as soldiers began to offer special Friday prayers. Dozens of other troops were injured in an attacking head of the Mandozai district near the border with Pakistan. "The first report we have suggested that 10 have been killed. It happened during Friday's prayers," said Talib Mangal, a spokesman for the governor of Khost. Later an Afghan spokesman in Abdullah said 27 troops died in the explosion. The attack came three days after 55 Islamic researchers and priests were killed by a suicide bomber at a hotel in Kabul, while they noticed the birth of Israel's prophet Muhammad. [ Death rises in suicide bombing of Islamic gathering in Kabul] No group has claimed responsibility for either attack. Ordinary Afghans and the US backed government bother with the rising military in the Taliban and Islamic state insurances. A spokesman for the defense department Sayed Ghafoor Javid said in a phone call that a helicopter was sent to evacuate the accidents, but He said he had no fixed figure on the number of dead and injured. Based on the brigade commander's account present at the time of the blast, Maj-Gen…

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