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Blood from Komfo Anokye Hospital Blood Bank tests positive for HIV, Syphillis

General News of Saturday, 1 December 2018 Source: 2018-12-01 A test conducted on the blood from KATH at the…

General News of Saturday, 1 December 2018



 KATH HIV Blood "title =" KATH HIV Blood "width =" 295 "height =" 169 "/> <span class=A test conducted on the blood from KATH at the Kean Health Center reveals the blood contained HIV

A Ghanaian Addo Kwabla-Evans has revealed a worrisome situation where blood was bought from the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Blood bank was discovered to be HIV positive and with Syphilis virus, has learned.

The blood was bought from the hospital’s blood bank and tested at a private facility in Kumasi, Kean Health Center. It later emerged that the blood was tested positive for HIV and Syphilis and could have been transfused on the young man’s mother who needed blood. has obtained all

Again the National Blood Transfusion Service failed to return numerous calls on the subject matter.

The National B Lead Service, Ghana is an agency under the Ghana Ministry of Health. Ghana is to ensure an effective and coordinated national approach to the provision of safe, adequate and efficacious blood and blood products, making it timely, accessible and affordable to all patients requiring blood transfusion therapy in both public and private health care institutions in the country.

In Ghana, blood donation is a simple, four-step process: registration, medical history and mini-physical, donation and refreshments.

The process is such that it is planned To ensure the best blood is received at the blood bank.

It is a safe process, and a sterile needle is used only once for each donor and then discarded.

The actual blood donation typically takes less than 1

0-12 minutes.

The average adult has about 10 pints of blood in his body. The entire process, from the time you arrive to the time you leave, takes about an hour and 15 minutes. Roughly one pint is given during a donation.

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