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BlackBerry Athena: the physical keyboard returns to the mid-range

Blackberry is one of those firms that refuses to give up, and that has in mind several interesting projects. The medium-high range is its main strength , since they manage to make devices of the highest quality, focused for the business world.

Athena will be the new Blackberry device, ready to eat up the market, being a unique model in its sector . Let’s see then, how will its physical appearance and its characteristics be , since it is a mobile phone that has enough to teach you.

BlackBerry Athena, dual camera and physical keyboard

Blackberry Athena design

The double camera is already a standard, both in the higher ranges and in the stockings. Many users do not conceive a terminal without portrait mode , and even BlackBerry, a firm that has never worried about the camera, has taken into account the importance of this detail. As we can see, the Athena’s physical keyboard attracts attention , a device that maintains the essence of BlackBerry, since many users see the inclusion of this type of input method as positive.

As for the BlackBerry Athena specifications , a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor is rumored, accompanied by configurations of 6 or 8 GB of RAM, as we read in Free Android . The finish of the terminal will be quite premium, as we see in the Slashleaks filtration , with a texture that looks somewhat rough , and that sure will have a good grip.

About the price, it’s still a mystery, but we’ve already told you the BlackBerry Athena will not be a cheap device . BlackBerry is clear about its market, and its target It is not the user who is looking for an enviable value for money. Despite being a medium-high range device, we can expect about 600 euros of PVP , although it will remain to see its availability and distribution, which remain an unknown.

And you, what do you think of the BlackBerry Athena?

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