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Black Ops 4 PS4 Update adds Nuketown Map; Full Patch Notes Released

Update: Treyarch has unveiled the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 fix. File as announced, this update will provide…

Update: Treyarch has unveiled the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 fix. File as announced, this update will provide the classic Nuketown map to multiplayer on PS4, along with a large list of corrections and balance changes. over all modes on each platform, plus more stability enhancements in zombies. You can find the full corrections on Reddit. The original story follows.

Some new content is on the way to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 soon. When Treyarch plagued in the game’s latest update patches, the developer returns the fan-favorite Nuketown map, and it comes free this week for some players.

First introduced in the original call: Black Ops, Nuketown has become one of the most iconic multiplayer cards in the series. It has been done in each subsequent Black Ops game, each time you have a different look while keeping the same general layout. In Black Ops 4, Nuketown takes the form of a small Russian city in the winter’s death.

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Thanks to Activision’s timetable, you can first see it in the trailer above. exclusive deal with Sony, Nuketown comes first on PS4 starting today, November 13, with an Xbox One and PC release that will follow later. Treyarch has not announced exactly when the map comes to these two platforms, but this time, the PS4 exclusivity period is only seven days (instead of 30 as for previous Call of Duty games), so the Xbox One and PC players will probably get chance to visit Nuketown sometime next week.

Treyarch has much more free content scheduled for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Next month, the developer will introduce the first of several new Specialist characters to the game. Treyarch is also planning to hold more seasonal, weekly and other limited events in the game, and the Battle Royale-inspired Blackout mode is also slated to get its own set of regular map updates, expansions, and new modes.

Treyarch continues to tweak and improve Black Ops 4 with a regular stream of updates and patches. The latter focused on solving some long-standing stability problems in Zombies mode and made some tweaks to Blackout and multiplayer. We also have our own ideas on how to improve the Blackout mode in the future.

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