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Black Ops 4 Black Market Grind just got a lot faster •

Treyarch has issued an update to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's tiered progression system to make it faster. The…

Treyarch has issued an update to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s tiered progression system to make it faster.

The time-limited Black Market, which is live now on PlayStation 4, challenges players to progress through 200 tiers, unlocking a raft of cosmetic items such as sprays, emotes, outfits and characters as they go. Progressie is gebaseerd op tijd gespeeld, als tegenover prestatie, zodat u gewoon unlock items als u speelt.

Maar de progressie sinds de start is painfully slow. Spelers undersøkte hvor lang tid det ville tage at slå niveau 200 i 52 dages drift: Første Strike-eventløp, og utarbeidet det ville kreve et gjennomsnitt på rundt 23 kamper spillet om dagen. That’s about eight hours a day &#821

1; until the contraband event ends.

It turns out, the earn rate for unlocking Black Market tiers was not working as Treyarch intended. In een post op r / Blackops4, de ontwikkelaar zei dat het het spel veranderde om te herstellen van het systeem over alle modi, maar stressde dit was een doorlopende proces om vooruit te komen tot precies waar het nodig is.

De upshot is, of Today, players earn tier progression faster and more consistently across all modes of play in Blackout and multiplayer. Treyarch also signalled it will add online earn rate accelerators and challenge-based and event-based tier ship rewards that will be on top of the base earn rate at some point in the future.

All this is welcome, and early reports indicate

Meanwhile, Treyarch said it had completed the first phase of planned changes to network performance, after players found the server sent rate was lower at launch than it was in the beta.

” We are carefully monitoring overall performance to ensure that these updates are working as expected before completing the next phase of updates, “Treyarch explained.

” It is important that we roll out updates in a carefully staged process, as changes to networking infrastructure can potentially produce both positive and negative effects, and we need to monitor every update closely. The stability and performance of the game for the entire community is always our top priority, and we’re “

Alt i alt, det er godt arbejde fra Treyarch, som har været hurtig til at udgive opdateringer og holde spillere i løbet af en raft of issues affecting What’s otherwise been a solid, smooth launch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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