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Black hole BREAKTHROUGH: Scientists & REWRITE astronomy textbooks & # 39; with space discovery | Science | News

Black holes are parts of space that show such powerful drag that nothing – even light – can fly. Black…

Black holes are parts of space that show such powerful drag that nothing – even light – can fly. Black holes believed to take shape of a monk. But researchers now need to rewrite the astronomical rulebooks after showing that black holes actually resemble 3D fountains.

It has hitherto been assumed that gas surrounding black holes was dun-shaped.

But scientists now believe in the reality of black holes are much more complicated after studying a 14 million light years away.

Gas-transforming black holes rinse from them in a 3D fountain, new research has revealed.

Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array (ALMA) simulations now suggest that the nozzle is really a more bizarre structure endangered by three constantly circulating gases.

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Researchers observed a super massive black hole in the center of the Ciricinus galaxy.

The data here was compared to a simulation of gas in a black hole, using the Cray XC30 ATERUI supercomputer.

Their conclusions challenge the belief that matter falling in a black hole is built around it to form a monk structure.

The results now suggest that it’s more of a three-step

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First, it forms call the gas a disk near the rotational plane, warming until the molecules break down.

Some of these molecules are expelled above and below the disc and then create a fountain structure.

“Earlier theoretical models established earlier assumptions about stupid monks,” Keiichi Wada, a Kagoshima Universi ty theorist, said.

“Instead of starting from assumptions, our simulation started from the physical equations and showed for the first time that the gas circulation naturally forms a monk.

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“Our simulation can also explain different observation features in the system.”

These results have arisen what we thought knew. 1

9659004] Keiichi Wada added: “By examining the movement and The distribution of both the cold molecular gas and the hot atomic energy with ALMA showed the emergence of the so-called “donut structure” around active black holes.

“Based on This discovery, we need to write about the astronomy manuals.”

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