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Black Friday begins before Thanksgiving tomorrow and creates chaos

Black Friday starts officially on Wednesday before and in the fine hours of Thanksgiving morning. And that's not necessarily good…

Black Friday starts officially on Wednesday before and in the fine hours of Thanksgiving morning. And that’s not necessarily good news for retailers.

Customers spent $ 2.4 billion online on Wednesday, a sharp 31.8% increase from 2017, according to Adobe Analytics data.

At 10 o’clock on Thursday morning, shoppers had spent another $ 406 million online. At 5 o’clock they had spent $ 1.75 billion, equivalent to 28.6% growth compared with last year.

The sluggish sale represents an increase in online shopping in general, as well as a Black Friday sales day that shifts earlier and earlier.

“Pre-Thanksgiving agreements seem to have attracted consumers spending a bit earlier when we saw our other $ 2 billion during the holiday shopping period,” said Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights.

But not all retailers were fully prepared for the increase of shopping on Thanksgiving Day and the day before.

The disadvantage of success

Black Friday goes online. Kena Betancur / Getty Images

Buyers at Walmart’s homepage with technical difficulties on Wednesday night. GameStop shopper complained about about similar technical issues on social media. , Lululemon’s website crashed on Thursday, apparently buckling in traffic.

“We knew it would be a hectic day, and I suppose technology came away from us this time,” replied Lulule mons account on Facebook. “I understand clearly that this can be frustrating as someone trying to shop online and knowing that we are doing everything we can to correct the situation as soon as possible.”

According to Bob Buffone, Chief Website Optimizer for Web Optimization software company Yottaa, the company’s problems were likely to be rooted in not having the infrastructure to handle traffic.

“If you have not tested your site at five times normal traffic volumes, your site will probably fail,” Buffone told Business Insider on Thursday.

Not being properly prepared for Black Friday is even worse than having a crash on any other shopping day.

“It’s easy to go to another place and spend your vacation money elsewhere,” Buffone said. “Depending on how long the site is down, it may cost a lot of money to retailers and also lead to damage to the brand that shoppers take to social media to express their frustration.”

In addition to technical issues, previous purchases may mean agreements that sell earlier. Doorbusters are by nature limited. However, in previous sales may also mean items which sell out earlier – which can lead to frustration for customers who usually traditionally black Friday shopping schedule .

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