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Black Friday 2018: How to give your Nintendo Switch an upgrade

The Nintendo switch may not have had one stop of Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the…

The Nintendo switch may not have had one stop of Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild this year, but it has still seen a number of excellent ports in 2018 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is just around the corner. Whether you’re a long-term Switch owner, new to the console or thinking of picking up a vacation, you’ll need some things that Nintendo does not include with the console to really get the most out.

So far, most of the Nintendo Switch agreements have been focused on bundles and wrappers but there is still a chance all accessories and extras that can help you get the most of your Switch will officially see discounts either as part of Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. Read on to find out what to download the vacation for your own selfish Switch needs or for a gift to the big Nintendo fan in your life.

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This is just the beginning.

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Tempered glass screen protector

Nintendo hybrid portable console packs a large, beautiful capacitive touchscreen – but the Switch’s 6.2 “screen is not made of the same hard glass as the phone’s screen. It is made of plastic. That means it will never be broken, which is great! It also means that it scratches easily. It’s bad.

Fortunately, it’s easy to fix: Screen Protected Screen Protector protects the Nintendo switch’s screen from scratches, dings and scuffs – with the added bonus to let the screen have a more neat feel.

Better goggles are easier to install than plastic, which allows you to enjoy a safer, bubble-free display.

Purchase a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with Two Displays

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The removable Joy-Con controllers sent with Nintendo Switch are nice, but if you want to play your game, you want a full gamepad – and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the gold standard.

Not only does the official Pro Control have a comfortable, offset dual-stick layout, big comfortable face buttons and satisfying shoulder buttons, but it’s the only official gamepad that supports Nintendo’s “HD Rumble” power feedback. However, it has a minor error, though: The Pro Controller’s d-pad is just OK. Nevertheless, it is still the ideal controller for most Nintendo Switch games.

Buy a Switch Pro Controller

If you absolutely need directional buttons to host your retro druthers, but …

8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller [19659008] Miss the good old days? Check out 8Bitdo SN30 Pro. It’s exactly what it looks like: a Super Nintendo Controller with all the bells and whistles on a Playstation DualShock 4 . This is the perfect alternative to the official Switch Pro control – it not only matches all buttons, the official Pro Controller has point by point (including dedicated home and screen dump buttons), but it also has full gyro controls, which makes it 100 percent compatible with any Nintendo Switch game. If you’re a fan of HD Rumble, please: SN30 Pros Rumble features lack the subtlety of Nintendo’s proprietary controller. Nevertheless, you can not beat the feeling of the SNES buttons.

Buy a 8Bitdo SN30 Controller

Bring Your Own Gamepad

If none of these built-in Switch Gamepads beat your imagination, you have another option: literally any other controller. If you have an additional PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii Remote, or Wii U Pro Controller located around, you can sync them with your Nintendo Switch with the 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter. A decent solution if you already have many controls around.

Oh, and if you’re a PC player, the dongeln can be used to connect Nintendo Switch controllers to your computer. Not bad.

Purchase a Switch-compatible Bluetooth Adapter

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Get a good bag

The gearbox can be portable, but you still do not want to throw it in your backpack unprotected. There are lots of different carrying cases to choose from – from the simple AmazonBasics lining to any larger carrying cases like the Orzly Carry Case, which has additional space for an additional set of Joy-Con controls.

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