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Black Friday 2018: Early promotions for laptops, TVs, video games and more tech

<img src = "×534.jpg" alt = "A bundle of Sony's PS4 Slim and Marvel s Spider-Man for $ 200 looks…

<img src = “×534.jpg” alt = “A bundle of Sony’s PS4 Slim and Marvel s Spider-Man for $ 200 looks like one of the better deals this black Friday. “/>

Enlarge / A bundle of Sony PS4 Slim and Marvel’s Spider-Man for $ 200 looks like one of the better deals this black Friday.

Mark Walton

Black Friday is less than a week away, and we begin to get a good sense of what the technical world is planning to offer.

If you’re familiar with the days like this, it’s no surprise that most of the “promotions” advertised for Black Friday are not really discounts at all. While it is true that Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deliver more legitimate good technical offers than any other period of the year, it is also a time for retailers to hit the poison-requiring public. Lots of less than stellar gadgets will be offered at prices that are not much lower than they are the rest of the year. (As always, price lists such as CamelCamelCamel are an invaluable resource if you are on the fence of a store.)

So to help you distinguish wheat from the cafe, we have spent the last few weeks the e-mail device makers about their upcoming offers and digging through Advertisements have expired the major retailers before Friday’s sales event. Below is a quick overview of gadget and game deals that may be worth your attention and what you can expect from the major technical brands and product categories later this week.

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Lots of great deals are already alive

Before we go further, we note that several genuine offers that will be available on Black Friday has gone early. Most retailers will make fuller sets of offers available on Thanksgiving Night – and Walmart says it’s planning to start the night before – but if you want to get a jump on things, there are a handful of noteable offers available right now: [19659010] Sony PlayStation 4 Slim + Marvel’s Spider-Man for $ 199.99 at Walmart (List Price $ 359.98).

  • Sony PlayStation Plus membership (1 year) for $ 39.99 on Amazon (List Price $ 59.99).

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