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Black Friday 2018 Amazon now offers available: Fire Tablets, Flash Cameras and more

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Remember to buy an Amazon Echo, Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Kindle or pretty much any other device Amazon does? You were smart to wait till now, for the company’s Black Friday offers just started &#821

1; and more coming soon.

See below for the items sold from today, followed by the switch coming next week. Some of these prizes rival Prime Day, and some are even better.

  • Offers and prices have been verified and updated from Saturday, November 17th.
  • Please note that CNET receives a share of the proceeds from the sale of the products on this page.

Offers Available Now

Here’s What You Can Get Immediately:

Echo Sub and Two Echos (Petition): $ 250 (save $ 80)

Sarah Tew / CNET

Amazon Echo Sub adds to an instant bass upgrade to the Echo series with smart speakers – and you’ll get two of the latter, giving a better overall music experience.

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Echo Sub-Review

Echo Sub and Two Echo Plus: $ 330 (save $ 100)


An Echo Sub and two Echo smart speakers make a great combination. If you want to raise ante, choose a pair of Echo Plus instead. They add a temperature sensor and smart-home hub to the mix.

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Echo Plus review

Four TV Sticks and Echo Dot: $ 40 (save $ 40)

For less than the usual price of an Echo Dot alone, you’re both the smart speaker and Amazon’s Alexa-imbued streaming stick. 19659012] Look at Amazon

Four TV Stick review

Blink built-in camera system for up to $ 116 of

Chris Monroe / CNET

Amazon bought smart start camera start Blink since last year – this year offers great discounts on Blink Indoor starter packages. Here are your options:

Do not ask me why a single add-on camera costs more than the single-camera boot package, which also contains the system hub.

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Echo Dot Three-Pack: $ 70 ($ 80 Off)

Ben Fox Rubin / CNET

From Friday you get big savings when you buy three current Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers for a final price just 70 dollars. It gives the cost per dot down to $ 23, which is a buck less than the black Friday discount. (Note: We are having trouble getting this to work – we have reached Amazon.)

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Echo Dot Kids Edition Three-Pack: $ 100 ($ 110 Off)

Sarah Tew / CNET

You will make as many savings on the Echo Dot Kids Edition, with a three-pack selling for just $ 100 . It’s $ 33 each – less than half of what they usually cost.

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See it on CNET

Echo Show Two-Pack: $ 340 ($ 120 Off)

Tyler Lizenby / CNET

Amazon has just released a new Echo Show touchscreen smart speaker. Starting Friday, you can buy two of them at $ 340, which is $ 120 less than you usually pay and $ 10 less per unit than the Black Friday discount on individual units.

Look at Amazon

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Echo Spot Two-Pack: $ 160 (save $ 100)

Chris Monroe / CNET

Do you want a pair of Echo Spots? Amazon will tell you two of them for $ 160, which is $ 100 less than you would normally pay. Single Spots get discounted at $ 90 on Thanksgiving Day, so this deal will save you extra $ 20 if you plan to buy two, anyway.

Look at Amazon

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Four HD 10 Tablet: $ 100 ($ 50 off)

David Carnoy / CNET

Amazon’s largest tablet is also an Alexa powered handsfree device.

Look at Amazon

Four HD 10 review

Four HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet: $ 150 ($ 50 Discount)

David Carnoy / CNET

A Big Screen And Greater Value Of Child And Parent Friendly Four Tablet.

Look at Amazon

Four HD 10 Tablet with Show Mode Charging Station: $ 145 ($ 60 off)

Sarah Tew / CNET

Charging Dock Show Mode basically turns your brand tablet into a smart Echo Show-style smart screen. Starting November 16, you can get the two packed together for $ 145.

Do you already have a Fire HD 10 and just want the doll? Starting November 16, Amazons beats 10 crowns of the prize, which means the doll costs at 45 dollars.

Look at Amazon

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Beginning Sunday, November 18th

Ladies and gentlemen, start your streaming. Here comes the Four TV Agreements:

Four TV Recast 500 GB: $ 180 ($ 50 off)

Sarah Tew / CNET

Four TV Recast is a just released hardware that serves as a dedicated DVR hub for your media streaming needs. CNET’s Ty Pendlebury called it “one of the best cutting-edge companions yet”, and from November 18th you will find the 500GB version with two tuner labeled $ 180, saving you $ 50.

Do you need more storage for Reworked restorations? The 1TB version with four tuner will be marked at $ 220, saving you about $ 60.

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Starting Wednesday 21 November

Blink XT Cam System for up to $ 150 of

If you prefer to have a Blink camera system that you can use outdoors, you need to stay out until Nov. 21, when the weather-resistant Blink XT systems are sold. Here are your options:

Look at Amazon

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Start Thursday 22 November

Happy Turkey Day! Here comes Echos and everything else:

Echo Dot: $ 20 ($ 20 off)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen): $ 24 ($ 26 off)

Echo Dot Kids Edition: $ 50 $ 20 off)

Echo Plus: $ 69 ($ 31 off)

Echo Look: $ 50 ($ 150 off)

Echo Plus: $ 180 ($ 50 off)

Echo Spot: $ 90 ($ 40 off)

Amazon Smart Plug: $ 5 Buying Any Echo Drive ($ 20 Off)

Four 7 Tablet With Alexa: $ 20 ($ 20 Off)

Four HD 8 tablet with handsfree Alexa: $ 50 ($ 30 off)

Four HD 8 tablet and Show Mode Dock bundle: $ 80 ($ 40 off)

Show Mode Dock for Fire HD 8: $ 40 ($ 10 off)

Echo Dot Kids Edition Bundle with Fire 7 Kids Edition: $ 100 ($ 70 off)

Echo Dot Kids Edition Bundle with Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: $ 120 ($ 80 off)

Echo Dot Kids Edition Bundle with Fire HD 10 Kids Edition: $ 180 ($ 90 off)

Kindle Paperwhite (Seventh Gen): $ 80 ($ 40 Suspension)

Ringl Arm 5-Bit Home Security Startup: $ 169 ($ 30 off)

Ring Spotlight Cam 2-Pack: $ 249 ($ 149 off)

Call Video Doorbell 2 With Brand New Echo Dot: $ 139 ($ 110 off)

Now for the big question: What gear will you get?

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