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Bills-Jaguar brawl, Fournette, Josh Allen excitement

On Monday morning NFL Podcast, Andy Benoit and Gary Gramling analyzed the fights in Buffalo, Josh Allen's revenge and Bills…

On Monday morning NFL Podcast, Andy Benoit and Gary Gramling analyzed the fights in Buffalo, Josh Allen’s revenge and Bills victory over the Jaguars …

GARY: Let’s go to Jaguars-Bills. We had fights in this game. Leonard Fournette should not throw blows anyway because the jaguar needs him, but he should not throw a blow to a guy wearing a helmet when wearing a helmet. It’s a double bad idea.

ANDY: I think it’s a man. A man who drops his team in crunch time, no less. It takes even more manhood. Get dared to fight a subordinate defensive line when you’re the star who drives back. I think it’s really a man.

GARY: Comeuppance came so fast on it. They were first and foremost on the six-inch line. Incorrect start may have happened if Fournette were in backfield anyway, but they got up so fast with a few penalties and ended up missing a 42-meter field goal. The bills only took the ball and it was a three-play device that Josh Allen needed for the forward direction there. It was so fast.

Fournette must be better than that, yes. I will say, Josh Allen, he is extremely green and he is surrounded by a not very good support, but he did a couple of spectacular games in this. I still can not believe to touchdown throw to Robert Foster because he was swallowed up by three guys as he let it go.

ANDY: 75-yard touchdown under serious compulsion, Knowing that the battle comes and releases the ball when the battle comes and he throws a spiral for a long time. If we only isolate the arm and take out the legs it is probably the best throw we have seen the whole season.

GARY: It was incredible and it was just shocking to watch the broadcast because it looked like a bag. He had three black shirts that killed him, converging on him, and suddenly the ball dived out from there. You would think it was a type of CGI glitch.

I say this about Josh Allen, too much Bills talk is “Oh, Patrick Mahomes, we could have had Mahomes.” And yes, the bills should have taken Patrick Mahomes, everyone should have taken Pat Mahomes and will kick over it. I’m not about to argue that Allen is in the same class as Mahomes, but I will say [JoshAllenwinsgamesthatthrowtoguyslikeRobertFosterandJasonCroomandIsaiahMcKenzie

ANDY: He won one game. He won this game. Josh Allen has been out for several weeks and he was very up and down before this injury.

GARY: He won a game in Minnesota, Andy. It’s a profit.

ANDY: You know what stood out in this game especially to me, and I was surprised that it was not a major factor earlier this year, Josh Allen can really run . His mobility is an asset. I think he’s in the Cam Newton class of talent there … I think he’s in class. I think Cam Newton is on the front of that class, Josh Allen is probably in the middle, maybe close to the back, but he is in the small classroom with Cam Newton of guys who can really hurt you with your legs. The reason I pick up Newton is Allen can do it as a driving force. He is 245 pounds, but there is some strain behind his movement. He encrypted a lot, which he will do because he does not always see things clear, but I thought scrambles were most appropriate. There were some constructed runs with him. He had a touchdown run on a quarterback draw. Reading options did not work, but I love the concept. I love that they use him that way. They must use Josh Allen almost exactly the same way the Panthers use Cam Newton. It will be a watery version because Allen is a few years away from driving that kind of expansive crime, but then it must be. Josh Allen is next Cam Newton if everything goes well.

GARY: I said so much last spring and I took so much crap for it. This is the last thing I say about this game. The Jaguars do not go anywhere even if they won this game, but Andrew Norwell went out to this one to finish on the offensive. I do not know what they can do offensive forward. It was a lost season and now it’s a really lost season.

ANDY: A note on the offensive line because it absolutely humiliated the bills in the first half of this game. They moved the line with scrimmage and ran only between the ceiling for 10-12 meters each snap it seemed as though and yet they lose the game. They did the same thing last week against Pittsburgh. What I’ve come to learn from Jacksonville is, I think your running game is just as good as the appropriate game that comes from your running game. If you’re just going to hit the ball down in the second team’s throat, it’s fine and good, but it will not win the game for 60 minutes in today’s NFL. You need to get an appropriate game that concerns your running game and it must be effective. Jacksonville has it, but it has not been effective.

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