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Billboard 2018 Women in Music: Cyndi Lauper accepts Icon Award

MUSIC 6:34 PM PST 12/6/2018ofJoe Lynch, Billboard "I'm always asked," what does it feel like being an icon? "I did…

“I’m always asked,” what does it feel like being an icon? “I did not know how to answer it.” Now, said the singer while accepting the award during Thursday’s ceremony.

After a self-sacrifice of “Time After Time” by Tituss Burgess at the Billboards 201

8 Women In Music event on Thursday night in New York, Cyndi Lauper took the stage to accept the Icon Award.

Lauper opened by thanking Dua Lipa, who presented her with honor, told Lipa that she would “stand here one day”. She also thanked Billboard and pointed out, “I’ve been working with you all my life.”

Like all good writers do, Lauper opened a joke. “I’m always asked,” What does it feel like being an icon? “I did not know how to answer it. Look now?” She said she took the Icon Award from Lipa, “I can give them this and say,” Hold this. “”

Lauper then took us back to the 1980s. “When I started, they had [labels] quotas of women they would write,” she recalled. “I actually did a showcase and the guy said to me,” Well, we have Debbie [Harry] Patti [Smith] – we have our quota of women. “It’s where it was. I suppose it’s still so, but you [fellow honorees] kick down doors and it’s amazing. I thought my whole life that the sisterhood is a powerful thing … We have to share our stories and hold us together and promote each other. I stand on the women’s shoulder that came before me, as you stand on me and others will come and stand on yours. “

Lauper also acclaimed late late Polly Anthony, who credited with securing True Colors “got the radio in 1986 despite initial indifference from DJs. Anthony later became President of Epic Records 1997-2003.

“For all women, remember – we should not be against each other, we should help each other,” concluded Lauper.


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