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Bill New says Mars colonies will not happen: “Are you high?”

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk can forget their dreams of colonizing and turning Mars into human settlement, at least according…

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk can forget their dreams of colonizing and turning Mars into human settlement, at least according to Bill Nye.

The popular science commentary told the United States today that the whole idea of ​​making the red planet more earth-It’s just things of “science fiction.”

“This whole idea of ​​terraforming Mars, as respectful as I can be, are you high?” New said. “We can not even take care of this planet where we live, and we are perfectly suited to it, not to mention another planet.”

The science educator also excludes the idea of ​​staying on Mars permanently.



“No one will settle on Mars to raise a family and have generations of marans,” New, as shown at National Geographic Channel series “MARS,” explained. “It’s not fair because it’s so cold and there’s barely water. There’s absolutely no food, and the big thing, I just remind these guys, there’s nothing to breathe.”

Although the National Geographic Channel series shows people living on Mars, Nye is not in agreement with it.

“People do not agree with me on this, and the reason they do not agree is that they are wrong,” he added, noting that while researchers even stationed in Antarctica during the cold months, no-one lives there permanently.

Researchers have long dreamed of setting up research bases on the red planet. NASA also held a contest to see how such an infrastructure could look. Bezos has been a long-standing advocate of space tourism and colonizes Mars through his efforts with his space explorer, Blue Origins. Musk, who runs SpaceX in addition to Tesla, called a colony on Mars at South By Southwest last year as a way to prevent a new dark age.

IS THIS ETERNAL FOSSILER OF LIFE? [19659003] “New people living in a dome are just not possible.”

“When you leave your dome, you will put on another cupola, and I think it will get old quite quickly,” he said. “Especially the smell of spacecraft – the whole Febreze you can pack, I think it really helps you up there.”

The red planet shares some similarities with the earth, such as ice hats and seasons, and has taken it

But with regard to the exploration of Mars, New is on board.

“I want to find evidence of life on another world during my lifetime, so Mars is almost logical place to see,” he said. “People say what you find there?” We do not know, and that’s why we go exploring the unknown horizon. “

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