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Bill Murray operates the act as the actor claims shooting his female friend at Sydney Airport

Actor Bill Murray was captured by a man while at Sydney Airport, Australia, to apparently come close to his group…

Bill Murray seemed to push a fan when the man became too close to the actor’s friend at the Sydney, Australia.

The actor walked through the airport with his music friends, Mira Wang and Jan Vogler, when reached by some fans. In a video received by Daily Mail on Friday, Murray appears to be upset when a fan allegedly shoved Wang to get closer to the actor.

In the video, the 68-year-old actor noticed the man’s approach and quickly dismissed him by pushing him away from the group. Wang also seemed to try to keep the man from getting along when she followed Murray.

“Do you only attack my friend?” A man asks the actor to which Murray replied: “He just pressed a woman’s lord, he just pressed a woman.”

A security guard also followed Murray and his entourage waved more fans away from the group.

A republic of Murray did not immediately leave Fox News’s request for comment.

Murray, in Australia for two performances of his current show, “Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & Friends: New Worlds” in Sydney Opera House, maintained a low profile while walking through the city’s airport. The actor was simply wearing sweatpants, a plaid shirt and baseball cap with sneakers but the dressed look did not prevent people from recognizing him.

Murray headed back in August after being accused of shooting a photographer against a door and pouring a glass of water over him while shooting a band at a Massachusetts restaurant.

Peter Simon, the brother of singer Carly Simon, told Boston Globe when he was on behalf of Martha’s winery at Lola’s Oak Bluffs on Wednesday when Murray allegedly accosted him, swore at him and threatened him. He was not injured.

“He looked like he was ready to crush me,” Simon said to the outlet. He said that when Murray seized him, he asked the actor, “Do you know who I am?” which meant that he was a well-known photographer.

Murray replied, “Do you know who I am?” Simon said he did not immediately recognize the “Groundhog Day” star but eventually realized that it was Murray after the actor went away.

Simon said that the band invited him to the restaurant and he was not there to take pictures of Murray. But the restaurant owner, Katherine Domitrovich, told police that Simon had “no business that photographed anyone in the restaurant and was generally annoying”, according to The Globe report.

Simon denied his statement saying “it’s a complete lie” and he wants an apology from her and from Murray.

According to the police report, Murray was “visibly upset” and said that Simon had harassed him.

Fox News Sasha Savitsky and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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