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Bill Maher Doubles Down at Stan Lee Controversy, refuses to apologize

Bill Maher obviously does not try to make any friends in love's love. After the Marvel Comics legend passed Stan…

Bill Maher obviously does not try to make any friends in love’s love. After the Marvel Comics legend passed Stan Lee, who recently died at the age of 95 years, comedy and politically apparent TV host appeared some controversial comments about Lee and comics in general, questioning people’s obsession with Lee’s work and Even so, just saying that a country obsessed with comic books would have chosen Donald Trump as president. Now, despite a ton of backlash, Maher has doubled down on their comments.

Real Time host recently appeared as a guest of Larry King Now . However, during the interview, Bill Maher’s recent comments emerged. In the time since his first statement, Stan Lee Company Pow! Entertainment released an answer, called Mahers outlook “disgusting” while the internet continued to tear Maher a new one. Here’s what Maher had to say about it.

“Talk about making my score for me: Yes, I do not know so much about Stan Lee and it really was not a scam at Stan Lee.”

Many certainly took it as a sweep on Stan Lee. At that time, host Larry King set up saying, “You would have liked him. He was a really nice guy.” It did not seem like Bill Maher continued his lambasting of serial culture and the idolatry of Stan Lee. The host acknowledged that he never really read comic books as a child. Nevertheless, he continued to call a culture that would consider these works to be dumb.

“Yes, good. I’m agnostic at Stan Lee. I do not read comic books. I did not even read them when I was a child. What I said is a culture that thinks that comic books and comics are deep meditations on the human condition is a stupid f ****** culture. And because people get angry, it just proves my point. “

Stan Lee, who created many of the most famous characters in the pop culture like Spider Man, Iron Man , The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther and many more, shouted all over the world after his passage. Over the past few years, the characters he helped create alongside artists such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko have been the subject of the biggest films on the planet. As such, many people from all walks of life know a deep connection to Lees’s work and it was more than reasonable to assume that people would mourn over his passage.

Part of the problem is that Bill Maher has not even read single comic books. As such, he can not understand the commentary of Stan Lee, a man who used his platform, not only to maintain, but also to send positive messages and make a positive social comment. Stan Lee’s heritage will not suffer a bit as a result of these seemingly rude comments. On the other hand, Maher may well have alienated a large piece of her own potential audience. Watch the interview clip from the Larry King YouTube Channel below.

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