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Beyonce's Halloween costume was a perfect homage to a trailblazing athlete – PHOTO

This Halloween Beyoncé paid tribute to not one, but two, iconic women and it could not have been more perfect.…

This Halloween Beyoncé paid tribute to not one, but two, iconic women and it could not have been more perfect. After sharing her first appearance on October 30th, where she channeled the legendary singer Toni Braxton, Beyoncé completely won Halloween dressing like Florence Griffith Joyner – the Olympic railroad medalist who is considered the fastest woman all the time. Bey’s decision to celebrate the Halloween 2018 icons seems to be part of her commitment to using her platform to celebrate feminism, African-American culture and the beauty of blackness – things that often tend to go unnoticed.

On Thursday Nov. 1

took the 37-year-old Lemonade singer to Instagram to share a snapshot of herself in a replica of one of Flo-Jos’s signatures with one leg that she frequently had during the contest. Bey’s tribute to Flo-Jo is especially for so many reasons as it comes below the height of the conversation about crossing feminism and fighting equality for all races and the sexes.

As a athlete and physical presence, Griffith-Joyner was a force to count on. During 1988’s Olympic Olympics, she set a new 100m record of the World Cup and later won three gold medals at the subsequent Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. A bold figure and strength, Flo-Jo, was widely known for her fashion style, long, colorful nails and flowing black hair.

She was interrupted from the competition shortly after dominating the 88 games, but was still a big figure in pop culture figure in the following years. Griffin-Joyner died tragically in her sleep at the age of 38 from an epileptic seizure in 1998. But over 30 years later her world record of 100 and 200 meters continues to be incredible.

Griffith’s great grandeur and aura Joyner often does not speak about important figures in the sports world, just as it has with many pillars of black society – and especially black women – through history. Even though she had proved over and over again, Flo-Jos’s encounter with the tops of tracks and fields was met with a big contradiction. Like the tennis star Serena Williams, who, according to a report from Deadspin, has been tested for performance-enhancing drugs more than any of her counterparts, Flo-Jos’s dominance in sport was repeatedly questioned. She was often exposed to extensive tests during her competition years – which she also went on continuously.

Beyoncé, especially a close friend of Williams, seems to know the importance of honoring them as Griffith-Joyner and Braxton, who have paved the way for others. Also, tribute to a legend in black history was this Halloween Beys man, JAY-Z, who appeared in a photo beside his wife dressed as Olympian Tommie Smith. In the snapshot, the hip-hop mogul resumes and resumes track athletes’ powerful Black Power salute that he, along with John Carlos, picked up after taking medals at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. The Olympic moment, which was thought of as a demonstration of solidarity with people who fought internationally for human rights during that time, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 16th and became undoubtedly one of the most iconic moments in the 20th century.

Similar to the current decline of the previous NFL quarter, Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel under the kingdom to raise awareness of systemic racism and police brutality, Smith’s symbolic gesture led to cease from the US Olympic Committee.

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