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Beto O & # 39; Rourke's powerful response to the NFL protests

And then it's O & # 39; Rourke. In early August he was asked about the protests in a forum.…

And then it’s O & # 39; Rourke. In early August he was asked about the protests in a forum. There is usually not much obviousity for white men in O & Rourkes’ position to weigh into complex racial issues, much less taking a fixed position.

But instead of dodging the issue, he thanked it as a courageous protest against police protection: “Nonviolently, peacefully, while the eyes of the country are watching these games, they take a knee for to pay attention to and focus on this issue to make sure we fix it. That’s why they do. And I can not think of anything more American than to peacefully set or kneel your rights, preferably and anywhere , anywhere. “

Ted Cruz, the Republican Commander, quickly pounced and repackaged Rourke’s comments as an attack ad. But then something interesting happened. Instead of self-destruction, the R & D’s campaign started to collect steam. He received a national profile and recorded a record of $ 38 million over the past three months. He may not win his race against Cruz, but his willingness to say what other democratic politicians have not made him a hero of a movement still looking for champion &#821

1; and can show other democratic politicians that there is more to be lost than to lose Stand with Black Life Matter.

What was the signature moment for its campaign started unbelievably, at a Houston town hall in August. When O & # 39; Rourke was asked about the player’s protests, it was quite clear how the quer would want him to respond:

I personally come from a family of veterans. You mentioned the football season earlier. I would like to know how you personally knew how disrespectful it is to make NFL players kneel under the national anthem. I wanted to know if you found it to be disrespectful to our country, our veterans, and anyone related to it. I find it incredibly frustrating that people seem to be okay with it. I would just like to hear your entry.

“I was prepared and answered questions about teachers ‘Texas retirement schemes, about teachers’ pay, high efforts / high pressure tests, and this issue is about national anthem and what my position is about it, told R & R to me. “I did not expect it. I did just the best I could. It can be a very difficult question to talk about.

Rourke presented a passionate case for why NFL players who chose to protest during the national anthem were highly honored America . He quoted representative John Lewis and the many African Americans who died in the quest for civic rights as models of true patriotism. Rourke told his audience that the protest of the player was not about not respecting the flag but they were an expression of increased frustration with the lack of responsibility for police who kill unprotected black people.

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