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Beto O & # 39; Rourke aides talk to Obama operations in Iowa, New Hampshire

Democratic rising star Beto Rourkes team has held talks from leading operations working with President Barack Obama's campaign in the…

Democratic rising star Beto Rourkes team has held talks from leading operations working with President Barack Obama’s campaign in the central parts of Iowa and New Hampshire, as the Texas congressman believes he is president of 2020, CNBC has learned itself. 19659002] div>> p: first child “/>

Joined by David Wysong, Chief of Staff, R & D’s internal circle, has been engaging with political players from the states holding the earliest races during the president’s primary season. These people include leaders of Obama’s campaign activities in the states, according to several people with knowledge of conversations.

While people close to Rourke insist that the discussions have not led to any employment that spoke on terms of anonymity, said it is clear, Rourke will have consultants in place to help him to control if he chooses to run for the White House.

“This is the phase of someone who explores a president campaign by doing everything they can to determine who they might want to run an organization and who they can turn to if he enters the competition,” said the former Obama Help.

Rourke is freshly surprising near defeat in the hands of GOP Sen. Ted Cruz on trustworthy Republican Texas. He has been credited with raising the Texas Democrats in house races to victory last month when the party turned 40 seats to take the majority. Rourke broke fundraising records and galvanized young voters in his Senate campaign, a possible indication of what kind of appeal democrats will need to take on President Donald Trump.

But the fact that he lost a statewide race gives little in the Democratic Party popping for a potential O & R; run run. “You do not market a loser,” said Chicago Mayor and former Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel recently.

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Momentum for a potential R & D Rourke 2020 campaign seems to build, anyway. Wysong, the congress leader’s chief of staff, spoke recently as in the week with a former co-chairman of Obama’s New Hampshire organization, according to a person with direct knowledge of the phone call.

According to this person, who refused to be named in this story, the former Obama campaign official went out to Wysong and offered advice on how to navigate if the state would get Rourke to jump into the race.

“It was a very cordial and preliminary conversation” explained. They discussed some of the oddities, as well as the political obstacles that democrats face when they run to President of New Hampshire, according to people who have been informed about the matter.

In Iowa, O & # 39; Rourke’s quota has been heard from Troy Price, Chairman of the State Democratic Party. The prize served as Obama’s political director during the 2012 Presidential election campaign.

Iowa and New Hampshire are two of the first obstacles to anyone who wants to become a party’s candidate for president. Obama won 2008 Iowa caucuses but lost New Hampshire’s primary to Hillary Clinton. In 2016, Clinton won Iowa but lost New Hampshire on the way to defeating Bernie Sanders to become the party’s nominee.

Wysong referred and CNBC request to O & # 39; Rourke’s campaign advocate Chris Evans, who refused to comment. Price and a spokesman for Iowa Democratic Party did not return requests for comments.

Rourke Presidential Buzz began to grab while he was on the campaign trail this year, but he responded saying he would not run. Recently, Rourke said he no longer excludes a presidential bid. Buzz about him has only grown since the election day. An important democratic group in New Hampshire invited him to the state to meet voters and strategists. Supporters and donors, however, encourage him to run to the Senate again in 2020 or put his views on the White House.

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