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Best Pre- and Post Workout Meals


Bran toast topped with banana pieces and a large pinch of cinnamon

Bran toast with fruit gives you two types of carbohydrates, simple and complex, and is a meal that’s easy to digest. The complex carbohydrates will keep your system active, and the fruit will give you more short-term energy. Bananas are a great choice as they contain a lot of potassium, something we need to consume when sweating during activity. Finally, the cinnamon. This is works on stabilizing blood sugar and improving brain function.

Greek yogurt with nuts and dried fruit

Start consuming milk before your workout as it’s very light on the stomach, and by adding nuts, pieces of small dried fruit and sugar-coated chocolate to it, your body will obtain increased energy, while nuts will play a major role in stabilizing insulin levels.


Grilled chicken with veg

After training, your body needs to re-energize, so you will need a nutritious rich meal. The protein in chicken will help feed your muscles, and by adding vegetables with olive oil you’ll enjoy a nutritious meal that’s perfect for your post-workout phase.

Salmon and Sweet Potato

Salmon is known for containing good proteins, in addition to a great amount of biologically active peptides; Small protein molecules that play a major role in treating inflammation, adjusting insulin levels and supporting joints, and by adding sweet potatoes to the meal you will get complex carbohydrates, as well as restoring glycogen levels, which are usually drained after exercise.

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