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Best Nintendo Switch games of 2018 so far, including Super Mario Party and Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Since the Switch hit shelves in March 2017 Nintendo's machine has gone from strength to strength, pulling gamers in with…

Since the Switch hit shelves in March 2017 Nintendo’s machine has gone from strength to strength, pulling gamers in with its unique ability to be played as both a handheld device and on your TV as a home console.

2018 has seen a whole host of fantastic titles released for it, from Nintendo’s own traditional franchises like Mario to brand new series as well as Switch versions of big games that have previously appeared on other consoles.

If you’re shopping around for the Nintendo gamer In your life, or simply in the mood to treat yourself to an early Christmas present, we’ve got a run down of some of the biggest and best games released this year for the Switch.

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Super Mario Party &#821

1; Amazon, £ 42.99

Mario’s friends and foes compete for stars in Super Mario Party

The Mario Party series has finally made it to the switch, featuring The Plumber and his pals in another bold and bright virtual board game adventure.

Players move around the board and try to collect the most number of stars, competing in a number of self-contained mini-games. You can also buy stars or steal them from other players, as well as manipulating the board itself to your advantage, meaning it’s never too late to turn things around and snatch victory at the last minute.

Reviewer James Ide said

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Octopath Traveler – Amazon, £ 42.99

Blending SNES -like graphics with 3D-looking areas

This turn-based role-playing adventure from RPG masters Square Enix has you playing eight different characters, each with different personalities and abilities. Set in a fantasy world, you’ll take on various quests like rescuing a kidnapped child, avenging your father’s death and tracking down a missing magical book of immense power.

The game has a striking look to it, referred to by the developers like ‘HD-2D’, combining retro 16-bit style sprites with polygonal environments.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – The Game Collection, £ 41.95

Fight a brutal war in Valkyria Chronicles 4

The fourth main entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series is another slice of tactical strategy action. Players take turns to move units on the battlefield and perform actions like attacking or calling in reinforcements.

Taking place in a fictionalized country loosely based on WWII era Europe, you take part in the war between the Federation and the Empire and must Find a way to survive the conflict, protect your friends and possibly find a way to end the fight once and for all.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Smyths, £ 29.99

Get your hands on gold stars in puzzle action game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

First appearing on the Wii You and now available on the Switch, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a puzzle title that has you controlling the title character in a series of levels filled with obstacles that will require some brainpower for you to overcome. Gør det sikkert for hvert kursus, du vil få en pris på en guldstjerne, mens de som udforsker hver nook og cranny vil finde bonusartikler tucked away i hemmelige områder.

This Switch version adds two-player co-op to the mix if you want to rope in a friend to help.

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