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Best Google Store Black Friday 2018 Deals: Home Hub, Pixel 3, and Pixelbook All for Sale

We must be deep inside the holiday shopping season right now, because even Google is now publishing Google Store offers.…

We must be deep inside the holiday shopping season right now, because even Google is now publishing Google Store offers. Its store is the place to go to find Google’s own hardware, including phones, tablets, laptops, smart devices and accessories.

Do you want to upgrade to the latest Pixel phone? On the market for a Google Home smart speaker for your office. How about Pixelbook or Chromebook? You can save big money on all of these if you go to the Google Store this Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Here’s a look at what’s for sale.

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Best Google Store Black Friday 2018 Deals

Note: These offers start November 22 unless otherwise specified.

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ZDNet has reviewed most of these devices from Google, and of course we love them. We believe that Google’s Pixel 3 is great for business, and that the phone’s new Night Sight camera feature is a clue. We really like the homecoming and how it does not have a camera, making it safer than saying the Amazon Echo Show or Facebook Portal.

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We also enjoy Nest’s portfolio to control all shades of our smart office and home. And Google Clips is great fun when you have some downtime. Honestly you would be crazy to ignore some of these offers. They are among the best we have seen yet, and we doubt that they will be cheaper after the holidays. Better catch them now while they’re reduced.

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More deep discounts from other retailers are rounded in ZDNets Black Friday Hub here.

For more great deals on devices, gadgets, and technology for your business, business or home office, see ZDNets Business Bargain Hunter blog. Federal Information: ZDNet earns commission from the products and services available on this page.

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