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Best exercises to lift the buttocks

Without a doubt, one of the parts of the body that every woman wants to keep in good shape are…

Without a doubt, one of the parts of the body that every woman wants to keep in good shape are the glutes.

Since a good size is not enough, but, in addition, must be exercised muscle so that it stays firm and in a good position . For that, it is necessary to perform specific exercises.

There are various exercise routines you can practice without the need to spend all day in a gym.

Remember that before performing any type of exercise, however simple they may seem, you should always warm up first so that your muscles prepare and no injury is present.

Also remember that you must have enough water at hand. You must take, at least, two liters of Water a day and include a good hydration that complements the exercises you are going to perform.

This way you can keep fit and lift your buttocks.

The squats

Best exercises to lift the buttocks

This is one of the most known and used. Since it is a simple exercise to perform and that, in addition, you can carry out at any time and anywhere.

  • You will not only work the glutes, but also the legs and thighs. Remember to keep the back always straight to avoid injuries .
  • Once standing with your back straight, separate your feet at a distance approximately the width of your shoulders.
  • Then bend the knees and lower. Try to contract the muscles while doing the exercise .
  • When descending, hold the posture for a few seconds, until you feel some pressure on the muscles of the legs and buttocks.
  • Then go up to the start position slowly and repeat the exercise several times.

If you decide to use some weights, you can place one in each hand on the sides, or with the arms stretched out.

If you only have one weight, grab it with both hands in the center of your body and contract the muscles of your legs and arms as you descend and ascend slowly.

Extend the hips

Best exercises to lift the buttocks

To perform this exercise you can place a mat or similar on a flat surface.

  • For this, you should sit with your legs extended and your back straight.
  • Lift your legs together, leaving the weight only on your hips. Contract the muscles of the legs and the buttocks while you do the exercise.
  • Hold this position while You are alternating the legs so that they rise and fall , as if you kicked in the air in a synchronized manner.
  • Remember to stop contracting the muscles.

Pelvic lift

Best exercises to lift the buttocks

For this exercise you should lie on your back on a flat surface. If you place a mat, it will be much better for your back.

  • Next, place the soles of the feet on the ground, so that they rest completely, and place the arms on the sides of your body.
  • When you’re ready , lift the pelvis up, as if you wanted to touch the ceiling , while you contract and exercise enough Pressure . Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

You must be aware so that your buttocks do not touch the ground. Perform at least ten repetitions to then rest and restart.

Always check that your back is diagonal to the mat.

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Kicks back

Best exercises to lift the buttocks

For this exercise you must place yourself on a mat, in four points. The knees, elbows and forearms should rest on the mat.

The knees should remain at the same height as the hip and the elbows, forming a straight line with the shoulders.

You should always keep your abdominal muscles contracted and keep your back straight.

  • He kicks backwards alternating legs, and contracting the gluteus, leg and abdomen muscles .
  • Stretch the leg until it is straight, hold for a few seconds and return it to the starting position.
  • Then do it with the other leg. Repeat the minimum exercise 8 times with each leg.

The most important thing in any exercise routine is having the disposition to do it every day. This way you will have those toned buttocks that you want so much.

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