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Best Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss – Elliptical Machines – Part 2

Regular cardio exercise is essential for long-term weight loss. It does not only help to burn calories but also it…

Regular cardio exercise is essential for long-term weight loss. It does not only help to burn calories but also it helps improve health and many different body functions.

The Elliptical Machine is one of the most common cardio machines and it is known for its low impact but at the same time it offers the possibility of a highly intense exercise at the same time. A person weighing about 72.5 kg can burn about 825 calories, so, to lose about half a kilogram of body fat you should burn about 3,500 calories, and at a rate of loss of half to one kilogram a week you can lose about ten kilograms using an Elliptical Machine within a period of not more than ten weeks, but You must always consult your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise program.

Some recommendations regarding circular motion exercise:

1-  Do this exercise five to seven times per week to lose more than 10 kilos, and daily exercise is highly recommended to get the best results.

2-  Exercise with medium to high intensity while using the Elliptical Machine, where there is a proportional relationship between the heart beats rate/ intensity of the exercise on one hand and burning calories on the other hand. You can start with low to medium speed if you are new to this exercise, and later you can increase the intensity gradually to get the best results.

3-  increase the rate gradually of the time you spend on the machine till it reaches thirty to sixty minutes, if you are new to this exercise begin with three sessions and give ten minutes for every session every day, this way you will burn calories and gradually you will increase your ability to reach the highest rate of weight loss.

4-  Try several programs on your machine and write down your speed and resistance, because if you adopt the same exercise permanently, your body will get used to it, which slows down your progress.

5- include some interim-exercise in your exercise, and do some warming up exercises for five to ten minutes at medium speed, then increase resistance, speed and / or height to high intensity for sixty to ninety seconds, then return to the medium intensity for a minute or three minutes. Continue the rotation* between the middle and high intensity during your exercise period to get the best results in losing extra weight.

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