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Best Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss – Elliptical Machines- Part 1

These devices are designed primarily to relieve pressure on the joints of the knee and the hip and at the…

These devices are designed primarily to relieve pressure on the joints of the knee and the hip and at the same time to get an excellent exercise, but because of its low impact, the rate of burning calories is not as high as in other cardio machines such as walking machines and climbing stairs, but on the other hand, this device is great for burning calories without causing your joints any stress, speaking in numbers, An average man (80 kg) can burn about 500 to 600 calories per hour when using the device at medium speed, and this rate can be increased by increasing the intensity, speed and resistance.

The best way to burn fat using an Elliptical machine:

Add up more height to be able to move the muscles of the legs effectively, especially glutes, as this movement simulates climbing stairs but without the full impact, and you can reduce the height and increase resistance, giving you the feeling that you practice skiing during the exercise and it also works on activating the muscles of the legs Quadriceps. One of the most important tips when exercising on this device is not to hold the handles or bars very heavily because this may reduce the results of your effort and can cause pain in the shoulders or wrists.


Start slowly and gradually to Increase your frequency, intensity and duration. Plan to lose half to 1 kilogram a week for long-term adherence. Do not forget to add other types of cardio exercises to prevent your body from stopping the process losing weight. You can add two days of resistance exercises every week, and you must also maintain a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats and protein.


Stop exercising immediately if you feel pain, dizziness or nausea, and do not expect to see results overnight, as weight loss takes time, and avoid exercising on the Elliptical Machines all the time.

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