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Becky Returns, AJ Responds, 20 Years by Jeff Hardy –

BECKY RETURNS …Recap: Visan started with Paige who called Becky Lynch to the ring. Becky said it was the hottest…


Recap: Visan started with Paige who called Becky Lynch to the ring. Becky said it was the hottest in the industry, any time was too much gone. She said she was back in the game and ready to go and called Charlotte Flair to the ring.

Becky said that Charlotte came pretty close to give the battle to Ronda Rousey as she would have if she had been her Ronda would not have gone the next day. She said Charlotte just came so far by trying to be Becky.

Charlotte was disobedient and reminded Becky that she is a seven times champion and genetically superior. Becky accused her of changing herself from copying her dad to copy the man. Charlotte said Becky had gone from scratch to deceptive, and accused Becky of riding her coattails. She offered to fight Becky immediately, but Paige broke it up and announced a TLC match between the two on TLC PPV.

They were then interrupted by a pair of heels and demanded to be worthy title shots. A pair of faces came out and demanded the same. Paige relented, who claimed there would be a Battle Royal later in the evening, with the winner of the TLC match, which made it a Triple Threat.

Asuka won Battle Royal in the main event.

Rating: Of course, the match makes a Triple Threat make the PPV match much less interesting. It would have been the clear main event on the show. I give WWE the benefit of doubt and suppose this was done to save the single match for a more watched PPV than TLC.

The fans still love Asuka even though the reservation ignores her. She was very excited when she reached the ramp in the opening segment.

Asuka was clearly the most talented option to get the title shot. I hope she will not be lost in the huge hype behind Becky and Charlotte.

I like the overall direction WWE has taken with Charlotte and Becky. Becky is the more popular of the two, but by the end of the day they are both tough, cool faces. This frame worked tonight, when Charlotte was jubilated and admired even when he turned off with Becky.

As I mentioned on Wrestling Night in America Sunday night, this angle works because of its “cool factor”. As much as many complain about WWE, it lacks the “cool factor” currently outside WWE as never before in my life. If you think WWE comments like a compulsion and hinge, try watching ESPN for 1

5 minutes in a row (spoiler: it’s almost impossible to do). With few exceptions, today’s actors, athletes and other celebrities encounter as whiny, preachy and weak. The few exceptions to this phenomenon, such as Connor and Khabib (undoubtedly “cool” despite their shortcomings) appear to be rarities. It’s hard to think of a single celebrity or athlete whom I would like to spend a day with if it was given an opportunity. In this environment, Becky and Charlotte’s angle creates a strong contrast in the best possible way. I look forward to it every week.

Forecast: Becky’s title line can not end this early in a Triple Threat. She keeps.


Recap: Towards the end of the first hour, AJ Styles came to the ring for a promo. He said the 14 days he has been without the title has known longer than the 371 days he kept it. He said he expected a goal on his back as a champion, but not “somewhere else” when he looked down at his branch (referring to all the low blows he received).

AJ said Bryan’s statement last week was BS. He immediately wanted to fight Bryan, but regretted that he was not in the arena.

AJ said he never missed a SmackDown or title defense. He said he would see Bryan on TLC and told him to bring his dreams and excuses, but most importantly, to include the title.

Rating: This segment was nothing fine but it was fiery and it worked.

Forecast: Bryan must keep at TLC to build speed for his new character.



Around the middle of the show, WWE saw an expanded package that highlighted 20 years since Jeff Hardy first signed with WWE. Jeff came to the ring and thanked the fans and his family. He said the business was his creative outlet. He said the speech was far from a retirement age.

Samoa Joe interrupted. He apologized for being late and saying he was backstage popping bottles of champagne for a bowl. He said he could not be around Jeff (referring to his alcoholism). Shane McMahon ran in and tried to remove the microphone, but Jeff said Joe could talk. Joe said that Jeff was not consistent to remember some of the highlights of the package. He said people do not change and demons do not go away. Jeff challenged him to a match, but Joe left.

Evaluation: This is a good use of Jeff Hardy at this time in his career. Joe was also good and came across as deliberately cruel to Jeff.

Prediction: Joe has lost a lot lately, so hopefully he comes out on top of this sweep.

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