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Beaver Dam Gardens Closed | Regional news

For many families, it's an annual tradition that cut down Christmas Christmas Day. For those who intend to go on…

For many families, it’s an annual tradition that cut down Christmas Christmas Day. For those who intend to go on their own this year, the tree must be expanded outside the Beaver Dam area.

Many residents were surprised to discover the last week that two local gardens are closed.


A sign on Thompson Road in Beaver Dam informs customers about the closure of Propst Tree Farm. Dave and Laurie Propst have retired from the activities that Dave’s father started in the late 1960s.

Dave and Laurie Propst at Propst Skyline Tree Farm presented a sign of their real estate that warns loyal customers about their retirement and thank them for their past business.

The Propst family had sold the Christmas tree since the late 1960s. Laurie Propst said that about half of the business was from people who came to the farm to cut their own trees.

“For many families, you choose a tree that is cycling,” she said. “The parents would be in charge of finding the perfect cut with their young children. But when their children grew up, they would choose one from the party together. When they became grandparents, they wanted the magic experience to cut one again.”

Propst said she and her husband are grateful for the customer relationships they have done over the years.

“A real tree is an important part of the holiday and we got a way to build and create Christmas memories for those around us,” she said.

The tower of Christmas tree farm, part of Kirschbaum Strawberry Acres, on Highway 151 outside Beaver Dam did not open this season. 19659008] On the farm’s website it is indicated that there have not been enough trees for Christmas due to medical problems. Although customers can not get to the yard to cut their own trees, some trees from that place can be purchased at Annabelle’s 301 Front St., Beaver Dam.

Annabelle owner Jason Loppnow said that he noticed that his activity of cutting tree has risen since the two farms were closed.

“I sold about 150 trees a total of last year and have sold 100 trees already the first weekend of this season,” he said.

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