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Bears take critical win on Thanksgiving over the Lions

DETROIT – One of Chase Daniel's biggest mistakes at his first start in four years was that he started running…

DETROIT – One of Chase Daniel’s biggest mistakes at his first start in four years was that he started running a bit too fast.

That happened before the game began to talk about how well Bears backup quarterback played in its 23-16 victory over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving at Ford Field.

“The guy said” Let’s go, Bears, you’re walking out of the tunnel. “So I’m always on the front so I turn and drive three steps and I look back and I’m like, oh my gosh. And just like putting my head back and going back,” Daniel laughed. “Listen, it was not nerves or something like that. I’m sure it’s over the Internet. Not one of my prettiest moments. I thought some guys would have gone away but we were waiting for the other teammates so that’s what That’s. “

Daniel, who started his first match since December 201

4, completed 27 of 37 passes for 230 meters with two touchdowns, no interceptions and a pass rating of 106.8. With starting Mitch Trubisky out with shoulder injury, the bears needed a guy who just threw 78 passes throughout his NFL career before Thursday to deliver. And that was exactly what Daniel did.

It was not just that Daniel pulled off the game he did either. He did it without a real week of training – the truncated Thanksgiving game week meant that Daniel had only a few briefing practices to work with his teammates before playing the lion.

“That’s why we have Chase,” said Matt Nagy. “I have a good relationship with him, that is why he is here. You have no idea – especially when you have no reps with these guys and two days of walkthrough methods – how it should go. No matter how much experience he has In this crime, you really do not really know how to go. In order for him to get out and do what he did, protect the football and be a leader when he needed to be a leader, I thought he did a good job. “[19659002] The bear could run The same crime they did with Trubisky as a quarterback, albeit with a few different wrinkles, thanks to Danien’s extensive knowledge of it. But it was not just that Daniel was driving offensive well – his only really bad passage landed barely within reach of an open Tarik Cohen in the end zone. He made a throw when he needed and found Taquan Mizzell and Cohen for his two touchdowns.

“I know that, as a quarterback, I’m a football distributor,” said Daniel. “Use my legs a bit, get almost out of a couple tackles, take some big hits and it can not happen – you’re the quarterback, you have to be healthy. But it’s a fun time and it’s a fun time to play quarterback in this crime, especially for this now. “

The hope is that Daniel will return to his backup role when Bears prep to meet the New York Giants next week. Bears will know more when they get Trubisky back to Halas Hall next week. (“We feel like right now, it’s a daily thing with him,” Nagy said.)

If it’s really Dania’s only beginning of 2018, it was personally pleasing to the 32-year-old. The money Daniel has done in his career as a frugal useful backup has become something of a punchline around NFL-centered social media.

But Daniel turned out to be worth every penny for Bears on Thursday.

“That means a lot,” said Daniel. “You do not know when these opportunities come and you just have to get the most out of them.”

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