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Bears puts “a new standard here” even in 38-31 loss for the patriots

No Mitch Trubisky did in the bears 38-31 loss to New England Patriots on Sunday shaking the confidence of their…

No Mitch Trubisky did in the bears 38-31 loss to New England Patriots on Sunday shaking the confidence of their coaches or teammates in the long-term prospects of their franchise quarterback. If all, most of what he did continued to show these guys, his development is the trend in the right direction.

“Mitch is a good back quarterback,” says Bobby Massie. “He is able to do many things, he is young, but he will be a special player. You see a glimpse of last year, and you’ll see more of it this year. In the coming years he will be a player’s hell . “

Trubisky’s last line of government, however, fails in some ways. He finished 26 out of 50 passes, good for a final pass rate of 52 percent, for 333 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions and a pass grade of 69.8. He is thrown now for over 300 yards in three consecutive games and joins Josh McCown and Brian Hoyer as the only quarterbacks to do that in franchise history.

While removing the last dikenhet and completion of White &#821

1; Bears became a farm away from tying or winning the game – should not be completely ignored in the overall evaluation of Trubisky’s game, he finished 22 out of 45 passes for 254 meters before New England’s defense was as far back as they could with 24 seconds left. 19659002] The accuracy of Trubisky was uneven during the match, which Nagy chalated up to something that happens with a young quarterback who has to throw so often.

“When you throw the ball 50 times, there will be some who are wrong,” said Nagy. “This is this child’s second year in NFL, and this is his first year in our crime. So not everything will be dead. He had a good game today.”

It was not good enough for Bears to win , but which is what ultimately counts. Yes, two special team touchdowns were backbreaking, and the defense fought with the patriots ability to quickly and efficiently perform the ball.

But Trubisky threw two interceptions, one when he tried to play third and long and the ball seemed to bounce out of Josh Bellamy’s arms and left-handed by Patriots cornerback JC Jackson.

The other came when Anthony Miller had a step on safety Jonathan Jones. Instead of leading Miller into the end zone, Trubisky threw under the ball a mess and angry what could have been a touchdown throw in a 50-50 ball.

Jones made a spectacular game to catch the passport and New England constructed a 96-meter scoring unit after what sets the bears down 14 in the fourth quarter.

“I thought I could have put it a little longer,” said Trubisky. “I loved Anthony’s route as he ran and I threw it a bit later than I wanted because I had to check the protection to make sure I gave a monitor to make sure we could get the flash they came through and I just bounced back to the other side, so it was a bit later than I wanted to be.

“But I thought he ran a good way, loved how he got it high and I just shot out there a bit longer, but it was a 50/50 ball, and he had the chance to get it and the other guy had a chance to get it and the other man did a good game. “

Patriots’ defense made it possible to take away Taylor Gabriel – who has been Trubishy’s favorite goal in recent weeks – by shading a corner behind the recipient’s inner shoulder and playing a security over the top consistently. All Robinson was hampered by a lukewarm question and made no one Impact (five goals, one catch, four laps).

What the Bear liked Trubisky was, however, how he was called to rely on Trey Burton (11 goals, nine catches, 129 meters, one touchdown) and stuck with Tarik Cohen (12 goals, eight catches, 69 meters, one touchdown).

Trubisky was outstanding who drove the ball, encrypted over 70 meters for an eight-yard touchdown and carefully extended a run in a 39-yard win in the third quarter. His team’s best 81 rushing yards on six tries were an effective counterpunch to what Belichick threw at him.

But Trubisky threw two passes in the only zone that could have – and probably should have – been turned off. The two throws concerned given Trubisky threw a momentum-shifting intercept in the final zone last week in Miami.

“He forced an end-zone to hold everyone’s breath when he threw it, and it may happen sometimes with a young quarterback,” said Nagy. “But it was one of those he knew right away,” I should not have done. “”

The right and downs are all part of the long-term development of a young quarterback that is linked to a first-time coach. It is a critically important background for evaluating Trubisky, Nagy and Bears offensive.

But the bear still has a lot to prove in 2018, with this at the top of the list: Can this be a playoff contender with a quarterback trend in the right direction, but still going through the growing pain of the inexperience?

“It’s early in the year, still many games left, a lot of balls to be played and we’re a good ass team, “said Massie.” There’s no need to be like oh, who am me. We will still run on this matter. We need to fix what needs to be resolved and we’ll be fine. “

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