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Battlefield 5's time-to-death will be solved, but not just yet

Battlefield 5 's fast battle might be a little for fast. Developers at EA DICE acknowledged yesterday the hottest subject…

Battlefield 5 ‘s fast battle might be a little for fast. Developers at EA DICE acknowledged yesterday the hottest subject to the game since the 20th of November launch – the time to kill (TTK) and the time to death (TTD) is too damn low.

It will be determined, adjusted, rebalanced or what you want to call it, but not immediately – although it is “one of our high priorities right now”, according to nuclear player Florian Le Bihan. This is because there are a lot of things bound in the systems that are currently being killed for people too often or too quickly in multiplayer online.

Le Bihan says developers are watching an experiment (coming soon) hoping to increase TTK. New changes will roll out globally for everyone, with a new playlist created with the old parameters, allowing both players and developers to compare the two. No word when it will happen, but it is on the table.

“The TTD experience is one of our high priorities right now, and there are many important and complex pieces investigated to identify possible problem areas, including network code,” wrote Le Bihan. “We also expand the scope of our survey and improvements to other components that are directly related to the gaming experience when it comes to shooting, receiving damage, etc.”

He added that DICE wants to “improve the consistency of gameplay across all platforms, but also consider how we can ensure that latency does not diminish the quality of the experience for all our players around the world.”

TTK / TTD- The problem highlighted an update on Battlefield 5 subredged yesterday, which also slipped down the improvements and balances that come into the slots update for next week, which will also deliver the Tides of War event.

Changes that come to the game include improvements to the revival measures, SMG, to make it work better in the range and a host of other weapon adjustments and adjustments. The medicine was consciously granted a close weapon out of the gate, balanced by the healing skills and smoke grenades of the class. Reconsider can unleash a slaughtered knife, but must be included in the flashy TTK / TTD users complain about so far.

Our review is called Battlefield 5 s multiplayer a good start that needs a lot of balancing, especially in long distance gunplay and a buggy medical system. As said, we really enjoyed his team play, it calls better than the predecessor Battlefield 1

. If you want to try the game for free on the computer, DM Electronic Arts customer service, and they give you seven days at Origin Access.

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