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Bank robbery in Brazil today leaves at least 12 deaths, including two children, said the authorities

December 7, 2018 World 0 Views RIO DE JANEIRO – At least 12 people, including two children, were killed on…

RIO DE JANEIRO – At least 12 people, including two children, were killed on Friday when the police participated in a fight against bank robbers, according to the authorities in northeastern Brazil. The two trial stories in the state of Ceara began at 2:30 in the center of the city of Milagres.

Robbers in a bank took several people as hostages when the police surrounded the area, according to a police opinion. A fire fighting broke out and left several dead.

The authorities have not yet identified the dead. Two suspects are arrested according to the police.

Milagre Mayor Lielson Macedo Landim told local media that two children between the ages of 1

0 and 13 were killed in the shooter. Landim told Radio Band News that four people took hostage everybody from the same family, according to AFP.

The four were taken in hostages as the robbers were going to an airport, according to AFP. Landim told the Globo newspaper that the family members were taken from a vehicle that was forced to stop because the robbers had blocked a road by a truck, according to BBC News.

The police did not respond immediately to e-mail and called for requests for more information. Latin America’s largest nation is routinely world leader in annual murders.

Ceara is one of the country’s most violent states.

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