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Baltimore sucks Trump admin over immigrants access to benefits

"The Trump Administration's changes to (a department manual) put a thumb on the scale to prevent immigrants from the country…

“The Trump Administration’s changes to (a department manual) put a thumb on the scale to prevent immigrants from the country if they have used any of a variety of federal, state or local programs – making it much harder for immigrants to reunite with their families “says the trial.

Package names President Donald Trump, State Secretary Mike Pompeo and State Department, responding, and it takes the administration to violate the constitution’s equal safeguards.

“The change was motivated by the well-known hostility of the Trumpad Administration to some immigrant groups – most remarkable Spanish, Asian and African societies &#821

1; and is in violation of federal laws governing administrative bodies, including the constitution’s guarantee of equal protection”, read a statement from the office in Baltimore democratic Mayor Catherine Pugh.

CNN has come to the State Department for commentary on the suit.

Moved, said the city, came in response to a government department changing to its definition of a “public fee”, a term for a potential immigrant who is likely to be “mainly dependent” of state benefits. According to US citizenship and immigration services, the person designated as a public fee is unauthorized to the United States and not entitled to become a permanent resident.

As CNN reported last spring, the Trump administration has considered to contain many additional benefits – such as children‘s health insurance programs and food stamps – when deciding who can be a public fee, which limits the access of legal immigrants to public benefits.

Baltimore’s trial notes that a similar change in the hometown department that extends the general tax definition has not yet come into force, while a parallel state-owned policy has already been introduced.

According to the judgment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expanded its definition of a public fee in the foreign manual to include a broader range of benefits, and the change has resulted in immigrant residents in Baltimore sinking to accept “the public benefits Baltimore makes available to all its residents . “

” Baltimores residents, immigrants and not, will be less healthy and less prosperous as a result of the illegal acts of the Armed Forces, “said the trial.

CNN’s Nicole Gaouette contributed to this report.

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