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Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition reduced to less than 2 euros.

470 If you are of those who are already a certain age, surely you sound Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition…


If you are of those who are already a certain age, surely you sound Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition , a classic RPG role-playing game created by Bioware in the year 2000. This game is based on the universe of dragons and dungeons and puts us in the skin of a prisoner who must forge his destiny and fight against the magician Irenicus. If you hear something that I’m talking about and want to get Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition downgraded, this is your chance.

Ojo, that is not necessary to be a fan of the classics, because although you do not know the game, we recommend it fervently, since its price is lowered from 10.99 to the 1.99 euros and it assures you a lot of hours of entertainment with your smartphone. Because it does not hurt to stop playing for a while Clash Royale do not?

Returning to the kingdom of Amn in the hand of your smartphone

One of the things that the processors of our current mobiles have, is that they are capable of executing once very heavy games with astonishing ease. That is why now we have the opportunity to re-play or discover a classic RPG in which we will have to fight against a magician who tries to take away our powers, yes, with the help of a team that we will be forming throughout the game.

Everything begins in Athkatla, capital of the kingdom of Amn, and from there we will travel throughout the kingdom overcoming many obstacles.

The game is available in Google Play , although you will soon reach the APP Store (how weird, a good game that comes before Android) and includes the entire original Shadows of Amn campaign, as well as these expansions:

  • Throne of Bhaal: we will move through the rooms full of treasures of the Torreon del Vigilante.
  • The Fist of the Fallen: in this expansion we will help to find peace for a monk of the Solar Soul called Rasaad, while we determine the destiny of a heretical sect.
  • The Black Pit 2, Gladiator of Zhayquiva: modality in which we will have to get our enemies to fight with each other while we try to save our life.

Despite being a paid game, within Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition we also have the possibility of making micropayments to get extra content which includes other expansions like ” A price paid with blood ” , “A voice in the dark” Y ” Defending the Wild “.

We could talk long and hard about the game, but you better discover it for yourself. We leave you with a promotional video and remember that it does not hurt to support the developers from time to time when a game is worth it. The game has sound in English, but the dialogues are subtitled to Spanish . Enjoy it

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